I guess you’re probably like most people and had a carpet installed at your home because of its appearance and comfort. Whilst the carpet is a perfect choice for flooring, you must take good care of it with routine maintenance. Stained or dirty carpets not only look unattractive but can also be a home to bacteria, stains, pet hair, germs, human skin, fleas, fungi, moulds, and dust mites. However, dust mites are the most common organisms in home carpets.

What are House Dust Mites?

Classified among the most prominent arthropods, house dust mites are linked to asthma and common allergies. According to research conducted in 1964, mites were responsible for allergy triggers and asthmatic symptoms. Further investigation linked a couple of mite species to the allergen response and revealed that homes have more allergies due to numerous mites.

According to Lyon, most mites are present in beddings and carpets, where they spend most of their lives. Most carpeted floors provide a microhabitat for the accumulation of moisture and food for the mite. The dust mites’ most favourite food is the skin flakes that are shed at the rate of about 0.20 ounces/week. Proper cleaning is therefore key to keep these arthropods at bay. read more….

Benefits of Your clean Carpet

Along with regular carpet cleaning and vacuuming, it’s equally essential to have your home carpet professionally cleaned. Not only will professional carpet dry cleaning help to extend your carpet life. But there are a few other benefits that come with it. They include Improved health, feel and look, and airflow.

Good Health – Let’s face it!

Carpet Steam Cleaning ought to extend your carpet’s life and improve its appearance; however, the most important benefit is to improve your overall health and that of your family.

Carpet is notorious for hosting dust mites and bacteria. If any of your house members are prone to breathing problems, airborne particles are likely to lead to or increase or lead to breathing problems like allergies and asthma. Contaminants in your carpet can cause a wide range of health problems, particularly in the elderly and children.

While vacuuming helps to get rid of the dust mites in your carpet, it doesn’t remove them entirely and, therefore, tends to accumulate over time, increasing the risk of health problems. Professional cleaning removes bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens, which eventually helps in easy breathing and other health problems.

Improved Feel and Look

Having your carpet cleaned professionally helps to improve its feel and look. As dust and dirt accumulate in the fibres, the carpet fibres become tangled, which makes the carpet feel flat and rough and look worn and old. Professional carpet cleaning services help to keep the dust and dirt from tearing away at the carpet fibres, which eventually makes them feel softer and look better for a longer time.

Improved Airflow

A clean carpet can trap particles and allergens in its fibres to stop them from escaping into the air. With a little maintenance, you can take steps to prevent a significant amount of dust mites. Replacing air filters often prevents the debris from escaping into the air, and vacuuming with clean bags helps prevent your carpet from collecting too much dust.

Regular vacuuming cannot get rid of all the debris, which is why you should have your carpet cleaned frequently by professional cleaners. And with clean carpets, your house will have improved air quality and airflow.

Wrapping Up

So, how can you detect a dust mite in your home carpet? Dust mites can be detected using diagnostic tests, which measure the infestation and mites’ presence by combining indicator reagents with dust samples from your carpet. Assuming the presence of dust mites, the following precautions should be taken immediately if there are people with health problems, such as allergies and asthma in your home.

  • Use hot water of about 49?C to 54?C to wash your carpet.
  • Use vinyl, linoleum, tile, or wood covering instead of a carpet.
  • Vacuum the carpet or hire a professional carpet cleaning company that offers these services more often.
  • Reduce or eliminate wall hangings, drapes, and curtains.
  • Purchase stuffed toys that a machine can wash.

Industrial grade or high-powered HEPA vacuums such as those used by professional carpet cleaners have shown to be effective. A conventional vacuum is likely to be ineffective as a control measure and increases airborne dust concentrations. Read some insights on What If Your Carpet Is Wiped From Scratch.