Despite the increasing popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other instant messages apps text messages are still a widely used means of communication which is used by a large number of people. There are many people who are facing issues while sending text messages using their android device which makes them wonder won’t my text messages send on my android. Click here to check how to remove someone from messenger.

We have bought this blog to help our users to find the answer to their question ‘why are my messages not sending?’ and also find the solutions for the same so let us begin to know more about it.

Reasons for Text Messages Not Sending –

Before we look to the solutions of why won’t my texts send let us first look at the causes of the problem first so that we are able to understand the issue in a better way.

  • Lack on signal on device
  • Insufficient air time might be the one causing trouble.
  • Incorrect settings of messages app
  • Network jammed because of traffic
  • The number you are trying to reach might be invalid or inactive
  • Your mobile device might be damaged.
  • You might have turned on the flight mode on your device
  • There could be some bug or malfunction in the messaging app
  • Message centre settings SMSC could be invalid
  • Cellular network might not be allowing sending messages.

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Solutions for the Problem of Texts Not Sending –

Now that we are aware of the reasons which are causing the problem of phone not sending texts. Let us move ahead to know how we can fix this issues and continue sending messages using our device.

Preliminary Checks

  • Check the airtime of the device plan which you are using.
  • Make sure to check the network of your device and also the updates of provider’s status.
  • Confirm that the number on which you are sending the texts is valid or not to fix text messages failed to send.

Clearing App’s Cache Data

  • Open settings on your device and then from settings go to the apps section.
  • In App sections you need to find messages on your screen. Once you find it you need to tap on it.
  • Click on storage followed by clear cache option.
  • Now to clear cache data you need to tap the button of clear data and then once again tap on OK button to confirm the action to fix text messages not sending.

Resetting SMS Settings

  • Open messages app on the device you are using and then click on settings option.
  • Now you need to reset all the settings to default and then restart your device.
  • Now you can try sending messages again, hopefully your problem should be fixed. But if it is not then you can go to the next solution.

Checking SMSC

  • Open messages and then press on the three dots you see in the front of your screen on the right side.
  • Now you have to open settings under which you need to move to the more settings section.
  • Press on text messages and then check message centre which you will see at the bottom of the screen. So that you can see the carrier’s message centre phone number.
  • Try sending messages you will be able to fix couldn’t send message problem now.

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