Choosing a hosting solution for your eCommerce website can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have too much knowledge in this area. However, a VPS package might be exactly what you’re looking for in the beginning. 

Most people are tempted to go with shared hosting, but that’s not the best idea. You want a server powerful enough to handle a high number of visitors and customers on the website. Also, the price is not necessarily too cheap in comparison with the benefits. Here’s what you should expect!

Good Performance

A VPS plan is based on virtualized technology, which is created to isolate each website from the others. That means you get your own dedicated resources and you’re the only one responsible for how far the limits go. Choosing a server with 2GB RAM memory or more will ensure you can run most eCommerce software, including OpenCart or Magento. You also can select a virtualized server with solid-state drives that guarantees fast speed and reliability. 

Root Access

The root access allows you to install different programs and customize the OS as you wish. You will never get this benefit with shared hosting, because different websites are stored on the same physical machine. A VPS is built in a similar way, but you have your own partition and there’s no risk of harming neighbors. If you have technical knowledge or hire somebody else to do initial configurations, you will have a good start for a serious eCommerce company. During the growth stage, it’s possible to set multiple accounts with limited permissions. In other words, you gain a good level of control and management.


More traffic translates into more conversion opportunities and sales in every online store. On the other hand, traffic spikes from ads will cause issues on a shared server. You don’t want to have your website offline or consume all the bandwidth and experience slowdowns. With a VPS server, your eCommerce business is ready to face any event in the future. Even if the current plan won’t be powerful enough, you can scale the resources in just a few clicks.


If a shared server goes through a security breach, your files are at risk of being read, stolen or modified. On a VPS, it’s like you have a smaller server just for yourself. That means what happens with the neighbors from the physical machine is not a concern. 

You’re isolated and the only real threats are those designed to work against you. Even so, a breach or DDoS attack is much less likely to affect the performance. You get specific tools to protect yourself from hackers, including automated back-ups and an active firewall. If you want more than that, you can install any antivirus on the operating system to further protect the website.

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

With a dedicated hosting plan, you’re given an entire physical server for yourself. This guarantees a high level of performance and advanced hardware customizations. The disadvantage is the price, which usually starts at 50/month and can go up to over 1,000$. Website owners can get similar benefits with a VPS and it will cost just a small fraction of the normal price. 
Many eCommerce startups are based on VPS hosting and they get great results. If you decided to launch a business in this niche, consider the same option and select the plan in that fits your needs.