Most electric skateboards are not made for rainy days, so it’s best not to ride the electric skateboard on a slippery road or in the rain. Water penetrates metal parts and causes rust, causing bearings to break off and stick to your truck. This rusts the bolts making it impossible to remove the nuts.

I was wondering if electric skateboards are really waterproof?

Based on this, most electric skateboards are not waterproof. But some boards are water resistant. Waterproof means electric skateboards do not allow water to enter easily. So if you’re going to ride on a wet road, your board shouldn’t break. But if you skate through puddles or even submerge your board in water, chances are water will get into the electrical components.

Can I ride them in the rain?

Driving on an electric skateboard on wet roads is not a good idea. The road surface is very slippery when wet. Translation can be very dangerous. It’s like a “need for speed” drift session. You should also be careful when accelerating and braking on wet roads, as there is a good chance that your board will slip. If you are a beginner, avoid driving in the rain or in wet conditions. A more experienced cyclist can take a risk, wear a helmet, be careful and follow the advice below.

Which electric skateboards are truly waterproof?

Which electric skateboards are waterproof? To answer this question, I did a lot of research and created the table below. We can rate the water resistance based on the IP rating. However, the matter is a bit more complicated. The IP rating is optional and worth the money. Thus, not all brands have an IP rating, even if their brands meet the standards.

I ordered the table below for the following categories:

No official data / IP rating from manufacturer or brand
IP 54 definition: (Protected against dust) (Water spray)
Definition IP55: (Protected from dust) (Splash)
IP 65 Definition: (Dustproof) (Splash)

What to look for when driving an electrical panel in the rain

So we know that driving in or after the rain can be very dangerous and you should be careful. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when riding the board in the rain.

Is your e-board waterproof or waterproof?

The first, and perhaps most important, question is whether your board is waterproof, waterproof, or one of these two things. Only a few electric skateboards are truly waterproof. Some e-skateboards on the market are water resistant. But most e-boards are not waterproof or waterproof. So, if you are bored, make sure you are protected from water or not.