Starting with CA Foundation and ending with CA Final, each stage is a struggle.

The large syllabus, in-depth knowledge of every subject, duration, and, of course, certain facepalm moments that every CA Final Test Series May 2022 student must face while completing this course make this course difficult.

But it makes no difference how long it takes you to finish this course. Nobody will ask you how many attempts it took to become a Chartered Accountant once you become one.

Simple Access

CA is not like medical or engineering programs, where if you pass the entrance exam, you will almost certainly receive an MBBS or B.Tech degree. Everyone knows that getting into CA is much easier than passing the entire course.

The entire Chartered Accountancy syllabus is broken into four parts —

  • CA Foundation 
  • CA Intermediate 
  • 3 Years Articleship
  • CA Final

CA Foundation, which has superseded CPT, is an admission exam for the Chartered Accountancy course. The CA Foundation syllabus is divided into four subjects, two of which are objective and two of which are subjective. The CA Foundation entrance exam assesses your basic knowledge gained in senior high school. The CA Foundation result (entrance test) is usually in the range of 30% to 35%.

First Challenge – CA Intermediate

After passing the entrance exam, students must take the CA Intermediate exam, which has replaced the CA IPCC exam. This level assesses your intelligence, which is an important component of becoming a CA.

CA IPCC results typically range between 5% to 10%. 10% of those who passed the CPT are from the 30% who did.

The majority of students will have to take multiple attempts to pass the CA IPCC exam. 

Second Challenge – Articleship

After passing either one or both of the CA Intermediate groups, a student can enroll in a three-year articleship program, which is where CA students begin their practical training.

He must confront all of the hurdles here in order to prepare for his future as a CPA. The articleship term is referred to as the golden era by certain individuals and the ICAI, but in my opinion, it is the most difficult time for CA students. This is the period when a CA student is required to labor for a stipend that is less than the office boy’s income. The more sweat you put in during your training, the less you’ll have to struggle once you’ve achieved your goal.

The Most Difficult Challenge in the CA Final

After 2.5 years of hard effort and patience, you will be faced with the course’s most difficult task, where your whole 5-year investment will be put to the test. The final level puts your intellect to the test. Knowledge, memory, and hard effort are required, and you should expect to become a full-fledged Chartered Accountant. It also puts your knowledge obtained from practical work experience to the test.

After completing 2.5 years of Articleship training and passing both sets of CA IPCC/CA Intermediate, students can sit for the Final level. The CA Final Test Series May 2022 outcome is usually between 8% and 10%. At this level, 80 percent of pupils get three or more attempts.