The Lenovo DU9019D1 ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock gives a simple and speedy association with all the work area peripherals you use consistently. Simply plug in a sole USB 3.0 link into your Lenovo PC for speedy admittance to up to 2 outside screens, mouse, console, USB scanners and printers, speakers/earphones, Gigabit Ethernet, and up to five Gbit/s admittance to outer capacity (in excess of multiple times quicker contrasted with USB 2.0).

While depicting the center elements of the ThinkPad USB 3.0 Docking station, Lenovo’s Design and Think Director said: “Its fundamental capacity is to permit the customer to connect their journal by utilizing a solitary link with the goal that they approach the entirety of their fringe gadgets.”

With the assistance of Displaylink DL-3900 chipset (found in Fujitsu Replicator USB 3.0 PR08) and drivers, the Lenovo DU9019D1 docking station changes a USB 3.0 port over to a center point of both various USB 3.0 ports and show yields. ThinkPad variations that obviously need devoted docking spaces will actually want to exploit the most from the availability decisions given by the dock. However the unit ought to be fit with any note pad having Windows programming. Following are a few additional insights regarding Lenovo DU9019D1.

Item Description

Lenovo DU9019D1 ThinkPad Docking Station is viable with a few models of Lenovo, for example,

  • B Series: B50-30, B50-35, B50-45, B40-45 and B590
  • Edge Series: E40-70, E40-30, E565, E555, E550, E540, E531, E530, E520, E460, E450, E440, E431, E430, E420s, E335, E325, E220s, E135, E125, E15, E13, E11
  • Flex Series: Flex 2 star, 2, 15d, 15, 14d, 14, 10
  • L Series: L560, L540, L530, L460, L450, L440, L430, L330
  • T Series: T431s, TT430u, T430s, T430, T420s
  • W Series: W701, W541, W540, W530, W520, W510, W500
  • Yoga Series: 11s, 11e, s5, s3, s1
  • X series: X240, X140e, X1 Carbon second, X250, X230

Likewise, it is viable with Miix 2 11, M30-70, ThinkPad 8 Tablet, 11e, Helix 1.


  • 1x upstream USB 3.0 contribution for connecting to a note pad. It is viable with USB 1.1/2.0; be that as it may, execution will be confined. Additionally, a USB 3.0 link is given.
  • Official help for Windows Vista/XP 8/7. Arrangement for different stages isn’t obviously expressed.
  • One Kensington Lock
  • One 3.5 mm mouthpiece/headset combo jack. The imaginative jack 3.5 mm on the scratch pad isn’t limited while utilizing the dock.
  • One Gigabit Ethernet (1000/100/10 Mbps) with complete help for ThinkVantage Access Networks.
  • Five USB 3.0 (2x front, 3x back). Rest and-charge is took into consideration 1 port on the back.
  • Two DVI yields (one DVI-D, one DVI-I), each up to 1920×1200 or 2048×1152 pixel goal at 60 Hertz. A DVI-Video Graphics Array connector is likewise given.

Execution Reviews

Assuming you are hoping to purchase a Lenovo DU9019D1, you should be familiar with its result execution. On first use, the docking station is set up moreover to most PC peripherals – connect the docking station to the required outer power source, an open USB 3.0 space, and afterward introduce the drivers from the DVD, which is additionally included. Customers can download the product directly from Lenovo. Contrasted with before X1 models, specifically, the Carbon has dropped a couple of result ports (USB/eSATA, HDMI, RJ-45), so the docking station is great for ultrabooks that have deserted key network highlights for aspects.

Real time video through DVI through USB will require encoding and, in this manner, handling time from the Central Processing Unit. We make an examination of CPU load between screen playback of SD content on the inward and outside show. Here, the double center i7-3667U top of the line 2.0 GHz encounters a normal CPU heap of only 7 % through its interior presentation contrasted with a 14 % normal by means of the outer. Correspondingly, playback 1080p will upgrade CPU burden to around 29 % and 24 % on the outer and interior presentation.

For what reason Should You Buy a Lenovo Docking Station?

The individuals who consistently use workstations wish for all the adaptability they can find. A Lenovo Docking can be extremely useful for you. Following are the motivations behind why you ought to have one.

  • Progress Between Home and Office: You can utilize a Lenovo docking station to build your benefit and change efficiency assuming you work at both your home and office. Get one, and afterward you can join every one of your gadgets with it, like a screen, console, printer, or mouse.
  • Increment Device Access: Previously, a few gadgets couldn’t be utilized with PCs, including level board screens and advanced cameras. However, the Lenovo docking station ensures that you can utilize them.
  • Ideal for Gamers: Those who love to mess around can connect their gaming assistants to the docking station without turning off and stopping them after each gaming meeting.

Last Thoughts

Lenovo DU9019D1 ThinkPad Docking station has ended up being a truly solid and valuable part over the most recent couple of years. In the event that you are additionally considering getting one, you can reach us. The USB 3.0 Dock is presently accessible for $179. We want to believe that you partake in this audit and delay until we come to another.