The education sector is booming with courses related to business, commerce, and entrepreneurship. The start-up culture has inspired an entire generation of youth who want to dive into building their own brand. With a business degree at hand, they get one step closer to realizing their dreams.

Business Design and Innovation Management is both an undergraduate degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management that joins the legion of business courses launched by colleges to cover a different aspect of running a profitable business. 

The business design and innovation management course is a subpart of the business courses that deal with the realization of major commercial businesses and industries and the work that goes behind creating innovative products and building a brand-centric business in real-time. As a business design and innovation management graduate from one of the PGDM colleges in Mumbai, you will be able to build a sustainable business with innovative products that are capable of entering a competitive market and succeeding on their own. Or you can join the employment and guide businesses in doing the same. 

Eligibility Criteria for Business Design and Innovation Management 

  • A graduate-level degree with an aggregate of 55% (45 % for SC/ST).
  • National entrance exams such as CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, or college-specific entrance exams. 

Subjects of the Business Design and Innovation Management Course

Business design and innovation management courses cover all major themes of business management such as business modeling, marketing strategies, risk assessment, and innovative policies. Here’s a comprehensive list of its syllabus:

Basic PrinciplesResearch MethodologyAccounting for ManagersBusiness EnvironmentIT SecurityOrganisational BehaviourEbiz TechnologyManagement Quantitative TechniquesHuman Resource Management
Digital MarketingProfessional PracticeBusiness TaxationGlobal Citizen LeadershipFinanceManagerial EconomicsBusiness EconomicsBuilding Materials and ElementsBusiness Communication
Tenders and ContractsCustomer Relationship ManagementMarketing SubjectsBusiness DesigningComputer Applications in ManagementBusiness AnalyticsBusiness ResearchOperations and Operations ManagementInterior Space Planning Services
Entrepreneurship DevelopmentInternational BusinessProject ManagementFinancial Management and Financial ResearchBusiness LawsEnterprise ApplicationsIntroduction to TelecomEstimation CostingFoundation to Design Basic Drawing

The Scope For Business Design and Innovation Management Graduates

Business design and innovation management students are creative thinkers who can lend their expertise to struggling businesses. They work with several teams across the company and solve problems. From product to marketing, there’s room for improvement in all sections of a venture which is often hard to locate. Graduates can not only trace those problems but also propose policies that avoid their repetition. 

Leading a company or a business in the 21st century is no easy feat. Businesses lead thought leaders and creative strategists who can bring meaningful change into the company. The Design and Innovation Management program is designed to equip undergraduate students with the knowledge of leading the management and production department of a company with real, tangible, and actionable solutions. 

The degree covers project management, ethics, social responsibility, marketing principles, leadership, delegation, and other disciplines that focus on the intersection of human creativity and marketing statistics. 

Leading Job Opportunities For Business Design and Innovation Management Graduates

As a business design and innovation management graduate, you can get a job in nonprofits, educational institutions, startup companies, government research agencies, social ventures, and management consultancies. Here are some of the best job profiles for you:

  1. Associate Professor

    A business design and innovation management degree is a post-graduate program that grants you expertise in the field of business design and innovative business policies. If you have a knack for teaching, you can easily get a job as a professor in the subject in all management colleges. There are plenty of great MBA colleges in Mumbai that are looking for skilled teachers and professors — with a PGDM in Business Design and Innovation Management from UBS college, you can be one of them.
  2. Research Scientist

    Gone are the days when businesses operated on trails and error. In today’s world, entrepreneurs rely on data and statistics to predict the market and operate on a very thin margin of error. Someone has to find these numbers for them. That’s the job of a research analyst. Business designers combine financial modeling and strategy with derived analysis to help organizations in realizing their potential.
  3. Business Consultant

    New-age businesses are moving from the archaic models of operation and warming up to the ideas of international cooperation, sustainability, and business design management. Business consultants help them cross this peculiar bridge through smart and sensible policies that best suit today’s market.  
  4. Business Owner

    Management students are trained to work with creative teams to develop products that transform the customer experience. Entrepreneurship and business ownership are one of the major themes of the program. The crusaders of today’s market are innovative thinkers who can endure the pressure of building a business while launching products and services that are both useful and cost-effective.
  5. Marketing Manager

    Business design graduates learn the tricks of the trade and understand that a business is a collaborative project that starts with the understanding and identification of the market. Marketing managers study the market with a special lens and fashion the business in a way that can attract the most eyeballs and profit for a venture.
  6. Company Supervisor

    As a supervisor, business design graduates bring realistic solutions to the problems of a company. The rapid overlap of technology and commercialization has left people unequipped to deal with everyday issues such as Internet virality, unsustainable practices, product faults, and so much more. Business supervisors work with relevant teams to transform the customer experience for an organization of any size and caliber. 

In conclusion,

Business design and innovative management is an impressionable program, designed for undergraduates who believe in transforming the way we conduct our business. It is an expansive degree that is leagues apart from contemporary management courses like a BBA or an MBA from management colleges in Mumbai, as graduates are trained to solve critical issues that hinder the progress of an enterprise.