Awarded the title of Master Breeder in Old Dutch Capuchines and Bavarian Pouters, Layne Gardner has enjoyed the pleasure of traveling around the world taking pictures of all kinds of birds. Over the course of her 50 years raising the pigeons (she started at an early age!) she has discovered a love for high-end quality and loves admiring the best specimens of diverse breeds. Perhaps she chose Capuchines because of their gorgeous Cruella of Vil’s neck feathers or the Bavarian Pouters because of their beautiful balloon-like crop. But which traits and breeds will you pick?

Black German Nun
With a myriad of pigeons choosing a breed or choice is often overwhelming. Some of the most popular facts about pigeonsinclude their capacity to adapt to a variety of circumstances and their low maintenance expenses, which don’t aid in narrowing down the options. One of the most effective ways to select the right breed is to focus on the primary purpose of the flock. The different kinds of pigeons can be classified into three categories that include fancy, utility, and flying breeds, also known as breeds that hom.

Pigeon Breeds by Class

Utility Breeds

They are mostly used to produce squabs. The biggest breeds of pigeons within this group are the White Kings, Red Carneau, French Mondaine, Giant Homers and the more ironically called Runts.Michael Kolodziej, the owner of Ruffled Feather Farm, has been raising pigeons for over 30 years. At present, he is raising one of the biggest breeds of pigeons and also one of the most compact.

“The giant runt is the largest breed of pigeon, and their size alone makes them regal,” the expert declares. “They are truly gentle huge. They’re not the most easy breed to work with, due to their size, they can break eggs and sometimes crush their young.”He says that they should be kept in a quiet environment. As the squabs grow, it’s fascinating to see this tiny baby chick transform into an giant.”I rarely advertise my runts, they market their own,” Kolodziej adds. “When people come across them, they’ll want to get them. Their size and mass will make you want to buy them.”

White Birds

Fancy Breeds

The pigeons are kept because of their beautiful color, form and appearance. I can remember vividly going to the New York State fair, every year, and going to the poultry house. I would sit for long hours on the second floor , which is dedicated to zany varieties of birds that New York fanciers had to provide. The breeds that were displayed include Fantails, Jacobins, Owls, Pouters, Tumblers, and Modenas.What do pigeons consume? The food choices for pigeons is dependent upon the type of breed. Certain types of pigeons due to their beaks or head length, might require just the smallest amount of grain and seeds.

Flying or Homing Breeds

Perhaps the most well-known, this class is comprised of racing pigeons utilized to fly endurance (distance as well as height) and their ability to homify. Breeds include racing homers and Rollers.Kolodziej states the Portuguese tumblers are among the smaller breeds of the pigeons. “They are extremely swift flyers and are able to perform well.”Their small size makes them fascinating and so is the manner in which they walk. They stand tall with a strong chest and tiny beaks that make their appearance appealing.

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