My Hero Academia Chapter 319 has been released and we are very excited to watch the new chapter following off for a week. In this article, Anime Troops will share with you a short summary on BNHA chapter 319 and provide all the information regarding the upcoming chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 like the release date, spoilers and raw scans.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 319 Recap

In My Hero Academia chapter 319, we saw:

  • Students from A-1 Class meet at the UA hostel.
  • Students in the A-1 Class are attending Endeavor in the office of the principal;
  • Shoto was asked by Endeavor why he’s not responding to his callsand what is the reason they’re not letting Deku as well as All Might go alone;
  • Bakugo is the one to intervene, and reminds Endeavor that Deku will fight to defend everyone on his own, and that Deku was like All Might sacrificing his life for all people, while suffering by himself;
  • Kacchan argued that they must be part of Deku as well as All Might;
  • However, Best Jeanist and Hawks discovered that Deku has cut off communications with everyone including All Might;
  • The students in 1-A Class would like to see Deku return to UA;
  • Deku asked his fellow students the reason they were here;
  • Uraraka claimed that they’re concerned about him.
  • Deku demanded everyone leave.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 Release date

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 release date is set to be Saturday, the 18th of July 2021. The chapter of 320 chapter of the chapter in MHA will become published in the forthcoming edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

If you’re familiar with reading new chapters online, then you can go through Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 on Viz Media and MangaPlus when it’s released.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 Raw scans and leaks

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 raw scans as well as leakshas been published today. You can view some of them by following the tweets below.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320 Spoilers (Chapter Title: “Deku vs Class A”)

  • Kacchan said to Deku that they are aware that he’s already accessed his 4th, 5th as well as the 6th users’ quirks.
  • Deku expressed his gratitude to his friends for helping his body, and then he attempted to escape;
  • Kacchan utilized a brand new method to get rid of the smoke that had been left behind by Deku after he left;
  • Koda brought many birds into Izuku’s direction and informed Koda that he was able to return to UA;
  • Deku attempted to escape once more with the help of Black Whip;
  • Sero prevented him from doing so by using his tapes
  • Deku remembers their time together in training;
  • Jirou was a tyrant at Midoriya using his method “Heartbeat Wall”;
  • Ojiro utilized the dance of his Tornado Tail Dance to trap Izuku;
  • Deku stated that he doesn’t want to put his children in danger if they join him and All-for-One is searching for him.
  • Deku was able to escape Ojiro’s tail but before he could escape, Tokoyami attacked him with his Dark Shadow;
  • Momo designed a device that would take Deku but Deku was able to destroy the device;
  • Kaminari claimed that there hasn’t been any changes and they’re still Deku’s best friends.
  • Meanwhile, Shouji extended his arms and then covered Modoriya with an isolation tape
  • Tokoyami intervened once more and was able to trap Izuku in an orb of darkness.
  • Deku has escaped from the orb and destroyed the structure in which they reside;
  • Midoriya’s mask fell off , and Midoriya was crying.
  • He claimed that he knew they are worried about him, however He is okay and decided to tackle the situation by himself;
  • Todoroki ended Deku with the Heaven Piercing Ice Wall;
  • He stated that he shouldn’t put all the responsibility on his shoulders, and that he must be able to rely on them.
  • Tsuyu declared that she would not let Izuko leave, but should he want to be heroized like the comics then the Class 1A team will stand on his by his side.

Where can I read Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 320 online?

The two platforms which the reader can access Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 332 at no cost:

  • Viz Media‘s official site;
  • Manga Plus‘s official website and app.

Here are the information available regarding Boku No Hero Academia chapter 332 We will continue to update this article whenever new information becomes available!