looks great at first glance. It’s a website that allows you to make extra money by taking part in paid surveys.

This may be possible according to some advertisements on Bigspot TV. is a fraud or a way to earn a reward for your innovative ideas.

They should let you know immediately that they aren’t telling you the truth.

This review will give you an example of what the site has to offer. This information is important to know before you sign up.

What is What is it offering? was a fun and clean site my first time. There are very few photos that show how you can get involved, do some research, and be rewarded. Here’s the application form.

This seems like an easy and straightforward way to make money for research. Bigspot can be featured in TV commercials. This is a great platform to interact with others, share opinions and even pay money.

What happens when is signed up?

Signing up for paid research sites usually means that you will go to the membership section. You can then start your paid research there. Sometimes, there are other ways to make more money. An invitation email will be sent to you. + Many more. There is new research available.

This one isn’t available at

Below is a video I made showing you how to create a Bigspot. You can then see what you’ve done.

BigSpot’s design was slightly modified after the video was made. The way BigSpot works is exactly the same, as the services it provides.

What payment method do you prefer?

Can you earn a minimum wage or money for BigSpot research?

Only pays. It looks like you could make some money if you just look at the website.

It is not. It is possible to make money by visiting the affiliate website and conducting research. doesn’t provide feedback and therefore no compensation is given. This is why you might not have known about the benefits they offer before signing up.

They do not offer anything, but they link to a website offering it.

Paid search sites generally offer high rewards. Many sites pay money through PayPal. Amazon offers an electronic certificate, as well as a Visa debit, Bitcoin, and gift cards.

You can also make attractive prices on other review sites than

Is worth it?

My simple answer is no.

Bigspot is not a good choice. I’ve used search engines similar to Bigspot. This site is often called “scam” because it doesn’t usually work.

It reminds me of PanelPlace which has the same process but provides more useful information. It’s still a waste of time.

Promoting my business is a great way to make money. It is hard work to build and maintain a website. We all need to survive. Without making money, this is impossible.

My problem is that this website has no advantage. has only promoted legit research sites, which I can defend. This is just a small list. Other information will not help.

After you have registered and verified your coupon, you might not be able access the membership area or the support list.

Sign up now to provide your email address so you can view listings and other reviews on search engines.

Register! You will only find a handful of links. It is not very useful information. These information are easily found in other places, even if they don’t exist.