The organization believes that by doing this, people will realize that life isn’t all about acquiring more stuff for yourself, but focusing on the things you are able to have and helping others whenever you are able to. The true happiness is derived from the bond we share and the value of possessions cannot outweigh that. Our children will be delighted to be a part of this special day of your lives and it can make your day more memorable when shared with your kids.

Over the past several decades, numerous Non-Governmental Organizations in India have been established and their dedication and selfless efforts have bolstered their standing in the society. From the numerous NGO’s that have come into India and a handful of them have created an image for themselves and have had an impact on the society positively. These NGO’s in India must overcome a variety of issues that plague our country such as a corruption or lack of transparency.

We have provided all the details about the top 10 Non-Governmental organizations in India that have set the standard for others by providing humanitarian service to the nation, and have gained the respect and trust of the people.

Non-governmental groups (NGOs) can be defined as “legally legally constituted corporations established by legal or natural persons who operate without the interference of any government. The term originates out of the United Nations and normally refers to organisations that aren’t member of the federal government, and are not typical for profit companies. In cases where NGO’s are either completely or partly supported by the government and maintain their non-governmental status by disallowing government officials from being part of the organisation.” These Non-governmental organizations are generally diverse with each having their specific area of operations. Their work areas can vary from the care of streets animals, to offering treatment and rehabilitation to the victims of human trafficking who are rescued. The most prominent areas that they work in are children as well as disabled persons’ education, care for elderly people, employment as well as health, environment and human rights, as well as women.

Famous Indian Non-Governmental Organization, Chintan was the first in India to be awarded the US Innovation Award for Empowerment of Women and Girls, for its exceptional contribution to this area. The award was accepted by Chintan’s founding director Bharati Chaturvedi by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. An additional grant of $ 5,00,000 was also announced by Secretary Clinton. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to help Chintan keep its noble work going. The award is funded through the Rockefeller Foundation “through the Secretary’s International fund for Women and Girls”.

India was believed to have 3.3 million NGOs operating in 2009. It is certain that this number will have grown in 2013. The most appealing aspect of Indian NGO’s is that they don’t blather on their own and carry out their work with a sense of responsibility and honestly. They give more than they deserve in the development of society and the improvement of the lives of poor and poor people of India. Without their contributions it would been no surprise if the situation in India was similar to the one of the sub-Saharan nations.