Massage therapy is a treatment that many people use as it has no side effects and is very soothing and relaxing at the same time. Many physiotherapists suggest their patients to have a massage therapy. There are many advantages of massage therapy. This article will discuss the best massage therapy in Calgary for depression and anxiety. There are many massage therapies which are used to treat many conditions including depression and anxiety

What causes depression?

Depression can be a cause of any crisis you are facing in your life.  There are many people so suffers from anxiety and depression. Many people use anxiety and depression as interchangeable terms but both of them are different from each other. Both have some common signals and symptoms but are different.

There are some major types of massage service in Calgary which use to treat depression and anxiety. Alongside, many medical specialist recommend these services to their patients.

Swedish massage

This massage is one of the basic and most common massage type which we use to treat the depression and anxiety. Before digging into the advantages of Swedish massage lest have summarize the working of massage and how they treat depression.

Massage is use to relax our muscles and the tension in the connective tissues. The gentle massage on those tension points relaxes the stiffness of tissues and muscles which causes pain. People dealing with depression complains about the stiffed shoulders and pain. Massage is use to relax those muscles.

Swedish massage is one of those massage therapies which are very beneficial for depression. Swedish massage is also used an a beginner level massage, for those people who are new to the massage services and are not aware of the massage touch massage. Yes the touch is gentle but powerful so that it touches the tissues, muscles and release the tension and stiffness form them.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone is a very unique kind of massage as it used hot flat stone to place on your body on the affected area. Here affected area doesn’t means the area with wounds or fresh scars. Affected areas means where there is the most stiffness. As mentioned above relaxation massage release the tension in the muscles and in the tissues. But the hot stone massage doesn’t work like that. The hot stones which are placed on your body so the work. The socialist press those hot stones so that they can provide the heat to the muscles. And it can easily relaxes your tissues and releases the stiffness and tension.

We all know that there are many pressure points on our body. The next massage we are going to talk about is known as the best massage when it comes to finding pressure points and treating condition using pressure points of the body


Reflexology is a type of massage which uses the pressure points on our hand, feet and ear. Taking about the ear, this massage is also used amongst the patients of vestibular disorder as it focus on the ear area as well. May medical specialist prefer this massage to treat depression? The main advantage of having this massage for depression is that it releases every tension stored in the muscles.

Deep tissue massage

In this article we have discuses about the connective tissues so many time, this massage is the specialized version of treatment through massage. Deep tissues ad connective tissues attract tension very quickly and store the tension and stiffness in them. This deep tissue massage releases that tension and provide a relaxing and soothing sensation to the patient.

Aroma therapy

This massage uses essential oils to treat the patient. The pleasing scent of essential oils automatically gives a relaxing effect to the mind and body. Aroma therapy is one the kind massage therapist which is known as automated massage therapy because as soon as the bottle of essentials oils open the patients feel relax even before the massage begins. It is very effective for mood freshening and depression. Many people use this massage for their anxiety issues as well. As anxiety and depression can easily be treated by the massage therapy rather than the medication and other means.

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