There are various kinds of travelers in the world who venture out differently. If we are talking about traveling here, then let me remind you that you are only here to know what suits you best when you are going to conquer Aconcagua Hike. Aconcagua is situated in the Southern Andes Mountains, and its name mostly originated from the Quechua Ackon Cahuak, which is also known as Sentinel of Stone. Thus, to climb up that huge mesmerizing rock, you have to be ready for all kinds of challenges that are necessary to cover up for the trip. As you know, Aconcagua is of volcanic origin, and thus, in terms of shoes, it is pertinent to go for the right pair to avoid discomfort.  The mountain has two summits, and it is connected by the ridge from north to south. For many trekkers, it is necessary to know about the region, weather and also, the right material for looking for shoes while planning for the trip. Thus, before going for the most adventurous ride, don’t forget to pick the best pair for the comfortable trek across Aconcagua Argentina. Here are the top designs and most favorites as well as recommended by the trekkers around the world, and just give the look to get an idea for the purchase.

Good grip

Yes, grip is the most powerful feature in every shoe, and whether you are going for a party or climb, a good pair of shoes should have great grip. Whatever the design, from heels to trekking shoes, a grip can help you find balance, and also support your knee in the rough terrain. A great grip can endure mud slush, dirt and also water, and across the Aconcagua Hike you never know what you can expect or see or experience.

Soft and flexible

Flexible shoes are always recommended for everyone. And as you know, Aconcagua Ascents are not very comfortable, so it is still very much suggestable to go for the extra pair of shoes that are flexible and can offer great support to your heels. It is just like your feet should not feel trapped inside your shoes while you are going beyond the Aconcagua mountains.

Ankle support

There are various running shoes and sports shoes that are designed with soft material, mostly rubber and other high-end material like PFB and all. Thus, to come with that much flexibility as well as good grip, it is necessary for the ankle to get the accurate grip and also, don’t get all sweaty inside. The lack of ankle support can ruin your entire trip across the Aconcagua, and athus, always try to wear it and go for an extensive jogging with the shoes before packing for the Aconcagua Ascents. In the Aconcagua, the terrain is rough and thus, climbing up and down and with the unusual angles can get tricky if you are with your right pair of shoes. 

By following these footwear guide lines, you can make your Aconcagua trip easy, interesting and safe.