There are many reasons why Cannabis is referred to as a wonder plant in many circles. One of them is that it contains over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, all potent for various health and wellness-related conditions. The most common and most controversial is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive cannabinoid or the main active ingredient responsible for psychoactivity. 

What is CBD?

However, one potent cannabinoid is Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. CBD is equally potent and derived from the cannabis plant without the “high” associated with marijuana. The products that contain less than 0.3% THC give you all of the benefits of Cannabis without the mind-altering, psychoactive effects.

CBD is made by simple extraction from the cannabis plant. But, CBD, being a fat-soluble cannabinoid, is instead stored in oils. Enter Coconut oil. Read More…

The Coconut oil connection

The choice of coconut oil is perfect. With a high concentration of saturated fat content, CBD dissolves faster and better in it than in most other oils. DailyCBD is the leading source of information on CBD & other useful cannabinoids.

Coconut oil itself has excellent nutritional and health benefits such that the CBD coconut oil has become such a winning formula, not just for cooking but even for skincare. This explains why you should read Tooslick guide and reviews before going to stores. For now, we’ll concern ourselves with the benefits of CBD coconut oil for cooking.

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Why should you include CBD coconut oil in your diet?

CBD oil can help in pain and anxiety treatment as well as improves appetite in ailing users. It is believed to be as potent as marijuana but without any of its psychoactive effects. So, we should highlight the health benefits of CBD. Cannabidiol is known to have the following benefits.

  • Can deal with stress
  • Might control anxiety
  • Can help with pain relief 
  • Known to possibly help prevent the spread of cancer

As we noted earlier, coconut oil is the best compound to serve as a carrier for CBD since it is fat-soluble. CBD coconut oil, therefore, would add many benefits to your health if you incorporate it into your cooking. Some may still be unaccustomed to the idea of CBD being introduced into the kitchen, despite its benefits. The oil, already not a stranger to dining, makes the incorporation much easier.

Before we look at how you can cook with it, let’s look at the benefits you can derive using CBD coconut oils.

  1. It can Relieve Stress, Pain, Anxiety.

A lot of people spend so much money trying to control anxiety, stress, and sleeping disorders. When dealing with everyday anxieties, rest and exercise may help. But when it becomes more profound, it may require much more than that. CBD coconut oil has shown to be effective in controlling anxiety, pain, and stress. In dealing with pain, cannabis works by activating receptors in your brain, relieving you of pain, even if its source is yet to be addressed. 

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  1. Can Help Prevent Spread of Cancer/Tumour and Manage Symptoms

CBD has proved effective in dealing with symptoms like nausea, chronic pain, and other reactions for those undergoing cancer treatments. More importantly, CBD has been established to have the capacity to inhibit the spread of cancer cells in the body significantly. Although there’s no proof that CBD cures cancer, it is greatly helpful in managing the symptoms and relieving pain. CBD acts on receptors in the brain that help in pain relief while the patient is undergoing treatment. You can use essential face oil for best skin dry

  1. May Benefit the Heart

Because of the action of CBD to relax the system, blood pressure is always lowered with its usage. This is of great benefit to the heart as high blood pressure is an excellent problem for the heart. Studies have shown that people who have used CBD have performed under less pressure than those who haven’t. This lowering of the pressure puts the heart in a better working condition.

  1. Excellent for the skin

CBD coconut oil is excellent for skin repair, growth, and health. Some of its constituents that encourage great skin are vitamins A, D, C, E, and B-complex. These protect the skin and guards against dangerous rays, especially from sunlight. CBD coconut oil can also help in facilitating the repair of damaged skin and hair. Its use has also proved very efficient for nails and hair loss. 

It should interest you to know that CBD coconut oil indeed exists for dermatological uses as hair and body creams applied directly onto the skin and hair. In such instances, it is made into a substance harder than oil. CBD coconut oil is also known to help against joint inflammation, body pains, seizures and is also known to boost cognitive functions and help those suffering from drug addictions.

How to use CBD coconut oil

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Coconut oils are already a favorite item in the kitchen. CBD oil is not. However, its benefits are making it a very welcome addition.  You can simply add drops of CBD coconut oil if you want a creamy texture in your meals. If you’re making smoothies, salads, or even coffee (yes, coffee!), CBD coconut oil can be sprinkled on your finished product.

Final Thoughts

CBD coconut oils can also be taken orally. By simply squeezing a few drops under the tongue and holding for some minutes before swallowing, the oil can be digested faster into the bloodstream for a faster effect. CBD coconut oil has great benefits that will improve not just your health, skin but your general well-being.