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Are you looking for wooden wedding card boxes? This box will appeal to those who enjoy unusual things and trying new things.

Beersme sells these cards in the United States. Last but not least, is Beersme legal?

Is Beersme a ripoff?

  • Information on the domain: The website is just 45 days old (May 28,2021).
  • Website Popularity: According to Alexa, this website gets very little traffic (2.579.243).
  • Website layout – The website layout was not designed well.
  • Brand: – Beersme
  • Trust – This site has a trust score just 2%
  • Website security – Site is secured (HTTPS).
  • Facebook Pages: – No social pages or accounts have been found.
  • Customer Reviews: Products do not require customer reviews.
  • Website Review: – This website is not included in the Trust Pilot for Beersme Reviews.

What’s Beersme.com?

Beersme is an online shop that offers high-quality wedding cards boxes delivered straight to your doorstep with a range of product options.

This shop ships internationally. This website focuses on stylish wedding cards that exceed customer expectations.

Here are some product names:

  • Deep Blue Box for Wedding Business Cards
  • Deer-shaped Wedding Business Card
  • A card for a wedding featuring a heart shape

Beersme offers a wide range of wedding cards that will suit your needs and convinces you to buy their product.

Verify the authenticity of this website before you make a purchase.

Website feature

  • URL
  • Email address is service@beersme.com
  • Telephone number – (702) 403-1514
  • Office Address – Box 272, WASHBURN, (Maine-04786).
  • Return policy – Valid for 7 days only
  • Cancellation policy – No mention about cancellation policy.
  • Shipping Costs – Most items do not have shipping costs
  • Shipping Time – Shipping can take anywhere from 7 to 15 business days.
  • International Delivery: International Orders are Possible.
  • No social presence –
  • Payment Options – Paypal makes it simple to pay.

Beersme Review: The Advantages

  • This website has unique designs for wedding cards boxes.
  • International shipping is possible.
  • This site has HTMLS enabled
  • PayPal is an alternative.
  • A seven-day return policy
  • This product is very affordable.

Beersme’s disadvantages

  • This website was built in only 45 days.
  • Trust is below the mark with 2%
  • It’s unclear what product specifications mean.
  • The user interface of the website is not very good.
  • There are no cancellation policies.
  • No Social Accounts
  • Nobody asks for a refund policy.
  • No reviews were found on social media.

Read these reviews from customers to find out if Beersme is a legitimate company.

This store could be suspicious because it has very few Alexa rank and products that have not received customer reviews. Beersme is not reviewed on Trust Pilot.

There is no cancellation policy. The return policy is for 7 days.

This website has a unique product at an affordable price. What good does it do if you don’t get the product?

Be aware of credit card frauds to protect your card.


This website is only online for 45 days.

For more information about Alexa Rank please visit this page:

Click here to learn more about PayPal scammers, and how you can protect your money.

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