Teen Patti is a tradition in India. This game is played on all special occasions and is enjoyed by numerous families on the occasion of Diwali. Once a family game has now become the most popular card game in the country. Players all over the world are slowly leaning more towards it, and in many countries, it is often related to popular Poker Games and is even called Indian Poker in the country. Teen Patti is now available online. With many gaming applications, you can now enjoy this classic game right on your phone. 

This has allowed people to connect with their friends and family members despite the long distance. They can play on a table together, and even play Teen Patti for real cash. Mobile apps allow you to play with real players, play head-to-head cash games, and even participate in cash tournaments. So, you can use your skills to win real cash. If you are just getting into this game, knowing about the rules will maximize your chances of winning. Below we have decoded Teen Patti for you with all the important rules and gameplay, have a look! 

Teen Patti Gameplay 

The game starts when all the players have gathered around. All of them are positioned on the table, and the dealer will start distributing the card. Unlike Poker, Teen Patti is played using three cards. Every player gets the card in the beginning and the game will be played for many rounds until the winner is declared. 

On each turn, you will have the option to bet and keep playing or fold. When someone folds, tehy will be considered out of the game and you will no longer participate in the next round. Once you fold, you also forfeit wherever you have added to the pot up until that point. If you play till the end, you will be required to show the card when two player remains and whoever has a better hand will be declared the winner. 

Teen Patti Rankings 

According to Teen Patti Rules, the ranking of the hand is decided in this format. Thus, the best hand is Trail and the weakest hand is High Card. 

  • Trail: A Trail is often called a Set or Trio as well. It contains three cards of the same rank. The best Trail in this game is the one that contains three Aces, followed by three Kings, three Queens, and so forth.
  • Pure Sequence: A Pure Sequence is also called a Straight or Pure Run. This hand contains three consecutive cards of the same suit. The highest Pure Sequence you can get in a game is A, 2, 3. Other top Pure Sequence combinations includes Ace, King, Queen, and King, Queen, Jack. The lowest Pure Sequence is 4,3,2 in the game.
  • Sequence: A Sequence is also as a Run. This hand contains three consecutive cards. These cards do not have to be of the same suit. One example of a simple Sequence is Ace, 2, 3 (of any suit), followed by King, Queen, Jack, and so on.
  • Colour: This hand consists of any three cards as long as all of the cards are in the entire same suit. When more than one player is playing color trio combinations, the highest value cards are compared against each other. The highest color trio combination would be Ace, King, Jack, and the lowest will be 5, 3, 2.
  • Pairs: This hand is when you have two cards of the same rank within your trio combination. If more than one player is playing Pairs, the highest pairs are compared with one another to declare the winner. In the game of Teen Patti, the highest Pair combination is Ace, Ace, and King, and the lowest Pair combination is 2, 2, 3.
  • High Card: This hand is any three cards that do not fit into any other rankings. When players are playing for this ranking they will compare the highest value card first, then the next, then the third. The best three-card hand is Ace, King, and Jack (of any suits).

Basic Teen Patti Rules

In addition to these rankings, there are some additional rules that a player must follow during the game. 

  • In the game of Teen Patti, the show can only happen when only two players are left in the game, and all other players fold their hands
  • Blind players will have to pay the current stake value in order to purchase a show. Regardless if the other player is a seen player or a blind player. The blind player that pays for the show will only get to look at the cards once they have paid the current stake value.
  • If one is a seen player, and the other a blind player, the seen player is not allowed to demand a show. Only the blind player will be allowed to buy the show. In this instance, the seen player will be required to continue betting, or fold.
  • Once the cards are revealed , meaning the show has happened, the player with a higher-ranking hand will win the pot.
  • If the show reveals a tie (when both players have equal cards or equal value cards), then the player who did not buy the show will be declared the winner. 


Teen Patti is an extremely interesting game. Now you can play this with your friends and enjoy it on your own time. This game will definitely be a great way to connect with your family and use your time productively. If you are just getting into Teen Patti, these