Microsoft SC-200 certification exam: A well-known company throughout the globe, Microsoft is known for its various products and services that cater to personal as well as business requirements, including Cloud App Security, Defender, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Windows, Skype, and more. Additionally, Microsoft offers exams and certifications to provide professionals with the necessary skills to work with the entire range of products it makes. The Microsoft 70-410 exam is not an exception. It’s designed to test the candidates’ abilities to safeguard information technology systems of the business. Furthermore, the exam can lead to an Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate certification.

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What Do You Know About the SC-200 Exam?

Exam SC-200 was designed in order to assess the candidates’ capabilities, that will enable them to reduce cyber-attacks or threats to the property of the company by assessing their capacity to deal with attacks with Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 70-764 , Microsoft Defender for Cloud and other security tools that are provided by third-party companies. The primary purpose is to increase the security of an organization by providing the methods to improve the security of your organization that are based on the above technology.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of examination content, it’s divided into three subjects you have to master. The first topic is combating threats using the aid by Microsoft 365 Defender. This means you are able to identify and address threats with OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams. Your capability to implement Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, to detect and rectify threats to your identity and apps will also be assessed.

The second subject is focused on the use of Microsoft 70-741 for Cloud. In this case, you will be able to set it’s settings, role, and data policies and to connect AWS or GCP cloud-based resources and and detect alarms and incidents with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

The third subject is devoted to the prevention of threats with the aid from Microsoft Sentinel. This includes the ability to design its workspace, define the roles it plays, its security configurations and storage of data. Additionally, you must be able to utilize data connectors from sources of data in Microsoft Sentinel, SOAR in Microsoft Sentinel, operate its analytics rules and incidents, evaluate dataand identify threats with Microsoft Sentinel will be measured.

To be able to pass the Microsoft 70-742 exam, you need answer a total of that is 40-60 in 140 minutes, and score at minimum 700 marks (out out of 1,000) to pass the exam and become certified. In addition, you must pay an exam fee that is currently $165, and then you’ll be enrolled to take Microsoft SC-200 exam. Microsoft SC-200 exam.

Career Opportunities Awaiting You

If you are able to pass successful completion of the Microsoft SC-200 exam you can choose to work in the field of security engineering, or an operations analyst for security. Based on the Ziprecruiter website, you could make an average of 89,151 annually and by advancing your skills you could earn as much as $152,500 per year. Additionally taking the exam will allow you to earn getting the Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert certification, which can help you with your career advancement. This means you can begin building your career as a security engineer or security operations analyst as well as a solution designer.


The ability to react to security threats, create efficient security measures to improve security in the workplace is highly valued today particularly if you’re trying to find an opportunity to get a new job or a advancement. If you are a certified professional, you are able to finish the tasks within a short amount of time. This is why proving your abilities through taking an exam like the Microsoft MS-300 is a wise option. Pass this test to join the professionals who provide greater secure for Microsoft community, as the company is renowned for its reliability without security breaches or cyber-attacks for more than 30 years.