It’s time to plan your next vacation – don’t you think it’s time to go on a beachside retreat?

India offers several of the world’s loveliest beaches. You can find very secluded beaches or crowded ones full of life and activity. All you need is a few hours of relaxation; what better place to do it than on an Indian beach?

Beach vacations can happen all across India with a long coastline. And whether you want one filled with adventure or relaxation, there are many places to enjoy your next vacation with the best beaches in India. 

So, if you are planning for your next Luxury India Tours, enjoy the sparkling sand, delectable sea cuisine, and enjoy water sports. 

Let’s look at the best beach destinations in India. 

Eight Beaches In India For Your Summer Trip

1. Goa

Goa beach in India

Whenever you picture beaches, Goa would be the first place that leaps to mind. The place is among the biggest and most popular beach destinations in India, thanks to its numerous beautiful beaches. The beaches here are known for holding exhilarating water activities and wonderful late-night celebrations, in addition to the pristine beaches, palms and coconut trees, and tasty cuisine. 

Moreover, water activities and adventure fans flock to the beaches of North Goa, while those seeking relaxation flock to the shores of South Goa. As a result, make sure to organize your trip accordingly.

When visiting the Goa beaches, don’t forget to undertake parasail, water scooter rides, scuba diving, and other prominent water sports. You can also click here to check best fishing pontoon boats Used by people.

2. Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep beach

The following holiday vacation beach in India is Lakshadweep. The smallest UT of India, Lakshadweep, houses 36 islands and some of the mesmerizing beaches of India. 

Apart from their stunning features, the islands boast many outstanding tourist attractions that draw visitors worldwide. Lakshadweep is a must-see destination because of its sandy beaches, enchanting lagoons, and abundant wildlife. 

Also, the islands, which the Arabian Sea encircles, are void of any commotion. They’re also regarded for having some of India’s best beaches for newlyweds, considering the lack of tourists. Traveling from one island to another may necessitate a helicopter or a boat.

So, consider the beach destinations in India on your list. 

You can visit Kadmat Beach, Amini Beach, Kalpeni Beach, etc. Consider boating in glass-bottom boats near Kavaratti Beach and go for birdwatching apart from water sports when visiting the beaches in India.

3. Alleppey, Kerala

Beach in Alleppey

Alleppey is well-known for its houseboats and backwaters, but it is also one of India’s top beach locations. The beaches here are set in beautiful settings and are ideal for anyone seeking quiet, and Golden shores and sweeping palm trees enhance their attractiveness. 

Additionally, there are also some cool seaside shacks, hammocks, and eateries to be found here. 

You can go for Ayurvedic massage, beach games, and tasting local cuisine.

4. Murud Beach, Mumbai

Murud Beach in Mumbai

Murud Beach is around a hundred kilometers from Mumbai and is nestled nearby the village of Dapoli. Moreover, Murud Beach offers a variety of watersports opportunities in addition to the magnificent palm tree-bordered scenery. 

You can also go into town and experience a wide range of delectable Maharashtrian seafood meals. 

Additionally, Murud Beach visitors can occasionally experience the gentle dolphin pods.

5. Puri, Odisha

Puri Beach

On the Bay of Bengal’s coast, Puri has some of the best beaches in India.  Puri is popular with beachgoers, despite the beautifully carved Jagannath Temple being the biggest draw. This coastal temple village has a unique appeal and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Puri Beach is particularly well-known for its raging waves.

When in Puri, go shopping for some handicrafts, boating, and pay a visit to the Jagannath Temple. 

6. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists. Guests will find plenty of blue waters to make a splash in or sunbathe on, as well as coconut palm trees swaying gently in the wind.

This beach is famed for its crystal clear water and glistening sand throughout the summer months. Ferry Rides take travelers to the ocean side from the boat storage and through the backwaters. These ferry rides, which are thirty minutes, are popular bird watchers and photographers from everywhere in the world. 

This is due to the dense mangroves that all the backwaters weave through, which are home to a multitude of the world’s most unusual bird species. As a result, it is among the popular beaches in India. 

7. Malpe Beach, Karnataka 

Maple Beach of Karnataka 

Malpe Beach, which is only a fifteen-minute commute from Udupi, is relatively obscure (save by locals) and isolated. The place was was one of Karnataka’s major important and prosperous ports. Jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, and speed boat excursions to St. Mary’s Island, another of the four rugged islands close to Malpe’s beachside, are all popular vacation activities.

Going on a speed boat journey to St. Mary’s Island, otherwise called Coconut Island due to the noticeable Coconut trees, is outright for vacationers wishing to go on a traveling experience as well as white stream boating. 

Likewise, Malpe Beach, an uncommon beautiful beach in India, offers free 24×7 Wifi access.

8. Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach in Kerala

Varkala Beach, among the beautiful beaches in India, otherwise called Papanasam Beach by local people, is around ten kilometers from the curious little town of Varkala, on the edges of the region of Thiruvananthapuram. The waters of the shore and the springs close by have therapeutic, helpful, and soul-cleansing properties. Local people accept that taking a plunge in these waters works to wash away their wrongdoings. 

Alongside the various Ayurvedic spas, astoundingly affordable beachside hotels, and eateries, the pleasant, red laterite bluffs make Varkala Beach a superb spot for vacationers enthused about pondering in harmony and practicing their yoga.

Bottom Line

Excited about visiting the best beaches in India? Willing to go on an adventurous trip? This summer, ditch the hill stations and plan your vacation to the popular beaches in India.

So, if you are planning your vacation along the shorelines, glance at this list of top beaches in India and select the appropriate location. Moreover, visit LIH Travel, to book the best tour package and exciting pricing.