There are many contests held to promote children’s natural talents and abilities like dancing and art. One of these contests was Balchitrakala Spardha was held in India.

Today, we will talk about www. Balchitrakala Com 2022, the standards themes, prizes, and categories for participation in this contest. Your child might be able to be the winner in this contest.

Balchitrakala Spadha’s Theme

The Balchitrakala Spardha Contest is held every year in Maharashtra. The contest was delayed due to an continuing pandemic. However, it has been rescheduled. The contest is designed to inspire children from grade 1 to 10 to acquire the ability to draw and painting. The contest’s theme is cleanliness. This means that participants have to show their views on the cleanliness of their city by using their artistic talents. The winners will be awarded the prize along with the opportunity to receive a certificate.

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Start by looking at these competitive categories. There are four categories listed below.

  • The group 1 comprises children who are in classes 1 and 2.
  • The 2nd group includes children in grade 3 to 5.
  • The 3rd group includes children in Grades 6-8.
  • Group 4 includes children in grades 9-10.

The next step outlines the prizes to be given to winners. The winners will be awarded an award with an award certificate. The prize amount is as follows.

  • Rs. 1st place winner out of 25k
  • Rs. Second prize from 20k
  • Rs. 3rd prize winner from 15k
  • Rs. 5k for the 4th prize winner.

Please be aware that as per Balchitrakala Com 2022’s website, 10 students will be awarded the prize of 4th place.

Important information about important information about Balchitrakala Spaardha competition
There are some things to consider prior to entering this contest.

The event will take place at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The process of registering for this contest takes place on the internet.
Students from the grades of 1-10 are eligible to take part in this contest.
Its official website is
The 14th year of the Balchitrakala Spardha competition.
These points have to be regarded because they are crucial information about the competition. I’ve been talking a lot about Balchitrakala’s Com 2022 on the internet and hope this post has been of help to you.

The requirements for this contest are as follows:

The most basic information needs to be recorded and included in the photo. The following details should be included:

The mobile number of the parent or owner.
Email ID to register.
These are the fundamental conditions for the contest, as found on this official site.

Photos can be uploaded only during the period between January 9, 2022 until January 12 2022. The entire details of this contest are provided within this post. Please read it through to the conclusion.


According to BalchitrakalaCom 2022, we’ve shared the entire details of the contest. This means you know the topic, the category, and prizes for this contest. Visit this page for more information regarding the Balchitrakala Spardha Contest.