Welcome to Ava Lane Boutique!!! We are a tiny exclusive boutique located at Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Innovatively designed and organized with the help of Laura DeGrendel, ALB presents to you an infinite array of stylish clothing and other products for women, taking all aspects into consideration, including shapes and sizes.

Each piece is selected with care carefully by Laura and is available to purchase in a small amount and for a specific timeframe, since we strive to continually include new items in our collection.

How We Started

In 2016, after 13 years as a Grade teacher at the school in Grand Blanc, Michigan, Laura was hoping to take the chance to try something new during her pre-summer break to earn extra cash in order to help her household. With her trademark eye for planning and fashion Laura decided to commit to a first-class method of operation with an apparel distributor to purchase their women’s clothes with the intention of offering the clothes to her friends with colleagues, relatives and friends.

The display of Laura’s fashionable clothes with astronomical prices quickly became widely. Within the initial small lengths of the beginning Laura and her other partner, Chuck, ended up selling their parlor table on Craigslist in order to showcase more clothes.

After selling for three years just one brand of clothing, Laura finished up the opportunity to start a new business. She began flying across to build relationships with other free clothes as well as pearls and shoe makers across all across the United States.

On April 10th, 2019 The name Ava Lane Boutique was finally described. Laura selected the name as she wants the totality of her customers to feel as if they’re shopping with family.

ALB is within their third appropriation group and boasts more than 25 employees, the largest portion of whom is female. As a female-owned firm, Laura is happy to provide as a swap and meet with women every chance she gets.


Our primary goal is to get as much of our mix that could reasonably be expected from local craftsmen and encourage free ventures across the USA. We will provide our clients with the finest products and provide exceptional customer service.