WhatsApp continues to come up with new functions that enhance the user experience when messaging users. One of the main features that users want on the app is the possibility of planning WhatsApp conversations.

This feature isn’t supported by WhatsApp. This feature lets you plan a message ahead of time so to ensure that you don’t miss important messages when they are lost in your thoughts.

This WhatsApp feature that allows users to plan messages could be quite useful to make sure they’re not important messages such as birthday or anniversary wishes at the right time.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available to users of the instant messaging app.

Make a schedule for Whatsapp messages on Android

To use the Schedule messaging feature it is necessary to search for an alternative resolution. This involves downloading an application from a third party that is connected to WhatsApp.

You can make use of the option of scheduling messages on Android and iOS using other applications from third parties. Of these, one is SKEDit which is an Android application that is able to plan messages.

Make a schedule for Whatsapp messages on iPhone

There isn’t any third-party software that is available to iOS users in the sense of. There is nothing to be concerned about! This is also solutions.

  • The answer is Siri Shortcuts application. All you have to do is to install the app and then open it up in your iPhone.
  • Click on the Automation tab.
  • Create your own the personal automated system, by simply clicking the Plus symbol.
  • Choose a date and period of time during which you want your automated system to be in operation. Choose a date as well as a time.
  • Then, click the Add Action button and begin typing in the text box using the actions list available in the Search Bar.
  • Then, under the text area then click the plus icon in order to look up WhatsApp and then type in the message you wish to send to us.
  • Select the recipient, press Next, and it’s completed.
  • Your message was created effectively.

The Whatsapp Away Messages feature

The feature in WhatsApp’s “Using Away messages” is only available to Accounts for businesses and is used to schedule messages to be delivered at the specified date. What is the best method to use this feature? Below are the steps.

Step 1: Log into WhatsApp and click on”More” option “More” alternative.

Step 2: From the Business Tools select Away to send messages.

Step 3: Switch on the option to send away messages, then select the email to customize it using the message you want to send.

Step 4: After that tap OK and then create a schedule. You can choose to include always, custom schedule and off-hours within the calendar.

The 5th step: you have to choose between All, Everybody Not within the Address Book and Everyone Other than …, and only send To… for the recipients.

Sixth step: The file has to be saved. You can now make the calls when you want to