World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG that has been around for more than ten years. You can choose which narrative you want to follow in MMORPG. You have the option to choose which narrative you want to follow in the realm of Warcraft near the end.

Kayn or Altruis, who will you appoint?

Kayn and altruis Choosing one of these options will not impact your character’s abilities, but it will affect the storyline. This allows players to choose the option that they like, rather than the one that provides the greatest rewards.

Kayn vs Altruis, World of Warcraft

Kayn Sunfury, Altruis The Sufferer and Altruis, your second in command have their ideologies. Illidari’s fate will be affected by which one you choose.

The storyline is dependent on your decision and the game’s outcome will also be affected. Players are confused about which option they should choose and what the consequences might be. These are key differences between Kayn (and Altruis) that can help you make a decision.

Kayn Sunfury, The Blood Elf Demon Hunter

Kayn Sunfury is loved by most World of Warcraft players. The characters’ amazing design is not the only thing that makes Kayn Sunfury a favorite. Kayn’s greatest attribute is his concern for the end result, and willingness to go to great lengths to achieve it.

He doesn’t care about the number of enemies he must kill and will take great measures to ensure that the Illidians succeed.

The plot is simple: you will be killing Akama and taking his soul. The player base is divided in this regard. After being betrayed in the Black Temple, half of the players believe Akama earned it.

Kayn, according to the other half, is evil for doing this. They are concerned that Kayn’s selection would result in Illidari having a second command, who might make hasty judgements that could put Illidari at risk.

Kayn’s sole concern is to get vengeance in his novel. He doesn’t stop to think about the motivations for Illidari’s assassination.

Kayn is a popular choice because of this. They believe a demon hunter is not supposed to be so reserved. Loyalty is the greatest benefit. Kayn had never fought Illidari. Many believe that voting for Altruis would be like electing a traitor as the leader of the people he betrayed.

Altruis the Sufferer – Night Elf Quest Giver

People believe Altruis is wiser than Kayn and more mature. People believe Altruis is concerned about Illidari’s fate and did what he felt was necessary. According to Altruis supporters, Kayn was misguided. Altruis, unlike Kayn is focused on how he achieves those goals.

The plot suggests that Akama will choose Altruis the Sufferer to be with you, rather than being slain. The players believe Akama should die for treason in the Black Temple. Altruis believes Akama is a valuable player in the long-term. Altruis is more liked by the players than Kayn so he is selected as their second-in-command.

However, this may lead to a schism between the Illidari over the long-term, as they will soon realize that the second in command was a traitor who abandoned their needs in their hour.

It is important to try to create a more united front. Kayn is able to offer retribution for the Illidari animosity.

Many players believe altruism is not to be trusted. However, they are not aware that Altruis is only trying to improve Illidari’s ways. Altruis is trying to end the violence cycle, but he is misunderstood. He is not a traitor.


All of this being said, you can choose between Kayn and Altruis to be your second in command. You don’t need to be concerned about your DPS. Choosing either option will not impact your character’s stats. This decision will not affect your storyline. Choose the person you are most comfortable sharing commands with and agree to be friends.

Common Questions

Why did Altruis betray Illidan?

Altruis betrayed Illidan in order to forge his way in Outland

How can I get KAYN sunfury the best?

Kayn Sunfury is available through crafting, card packs, and as an Arena award in Ashes of Outland.

How can I find Altruis the outcast?

Once you unlock the Demon Hunter class, regular Altruis can be obtained. It cannot be disenchanted nor crafted. The standard version can be obtained and the golden variant disenchanted.

Which Demon Hunter follower is the best?

The best Demon Hunter combinations are Akama and Belath, Jace or Kor’vas, Kayn or Altruis, S’theno, Meatball, and Jace.

What did Altruis do for the person in distress?

The night elf Wardens eventually captured him and placed him in the Vault of Wardens along with other demon hunters.

Where is Altruis the Sufferer gone?

This NPC can be found in Nagrand