Farming apps are the best suitable and useful method to teach farmers about farming. It gives you the policy for doing the suited scientific method of farming such as yield, cultivation, and harvesting of any vegetables and yields. A farming app can be a best friend of farmers in farming. The farmer apps enhance their productivity without consuming money.

Farmers can easily solve their farming problems which put them in difficult situations. Nowadays, rural India is hugely moving towards digitalism and technology. Moreover, 58% of Indian households still depend on Agriculture as their most eminent source of income. It’s time to give more focus on Digital Agriculture for a growing and booming India.

However, we represent some of the best agricultural apps for farmers that are available in India. So, you can easily download these apps from the google play store without paying.  

Kisan Subidha:

The Kisan Subidha application was established by PM Narendra Modi. It works with regard to the empowerment of farmers and also the evolution of the villagers. The design is neat. It presents a user-friendly interface. The app provides information on the current weather. So, it provides the market prices of the crops in the nearest town, even provides the knowledge on fertilizers, seeds, and machinery. There is another Krishi app named kkisan agriculture app that will help the sugarcane farmers.

IFFCO Kisan Agriculture:

The IFFCO Kisan Agriculture application was launched in 2015. IFFCO Kisan App is a modern farmer toolkit that helps Indian farmers to make knowledgeable decisions through customized knowledge that is related to their needs. With this app, the farmers can access a variety of informative modules that are including agricultural advisory, weather, and market prices. Also, the app offers helpline numbers to get in touch with Kisan call center services. 

RML farmer:

This is one of the most kindful agricultural apps, where farmers can keep up with the latest item and market prices, farm, and farmer-related news, etc. RML farmer is India’s most authorized Krishi app. The app’s contents just committed to Indian agriculture and Indian farmers. With this app, users can easily choose the crop variety from over 450. So, farmers can keep up with this app with the latest thing and market prices, farm, and farmer-related news, etc.       

MKisan Application:

It helps farmers to receive advisors and information being sent by professionals and government officials without registering on the MKisan portal. It shares information via SMS to farmers in their aboriginal language. The android app aspires to provide information that is considering all the latest updates in the agricultural element, farm equipment techniques, and methods for better productivity.  

Agri Market App:

The Agri Market app is totally farmer-friendly app. This is one of the best agriculture apps in India. It helps the farmers to get the market price of the crops within 50km. The app uses GPS to track the location of the farmers. The Agri Market app provides complete information on crop protection and crop production and also gives the exact information to sell their crops in the nearest market. Even the farmers can easily get the market price value without GPS too.  

Pusa Krishi:

It is a government farming app that was launched by the Union Agriculture Minister in 2016. The app helps the farmers to get informations about technologies that are developed by Indian Agriculture Research Institute. This will help in increasing returns to farmers. The also provides information related to new varieties of crops. However, people can search on the google play store by kissan net app which is for Indian sugarcane farmers.