5G towers have started popping up everywhere to bring in the new high-speed internet connectivity that will render old three-G technologies obsolete. AT&T shut down GPS service for 3G and 4G models of phone on 22nd February 2nd and other phone companies are planning to follow suit in the coming months as they move to.

There have been some delays during the initial launch of 5G connectivity, specifically on the potential interference that they could cause with aircrafts. According to the media, 5G access in airports was initially delayed but then followed-up on what steps had been taken in order to assure security prior to the launch in these areas.

As consumers, we’re constantly in a rush to upgrade our devices and laptops with promises of speedier services and more advanced applications, but we typically, we can continue to utilize the older technology until it is damaged.

What’s Next?

In the future and if we get the expected Internet 2.0 release using quantum technologies, what would this impact data centers using current technology? Quantum computing has been in use for a while, however, they have been limited in their applications. In recent times, we’re being told that the government will invest millions of dollars to create quantum computers. However, they’re already being used by a number of government agencies, as well as Google for instance, to mention some.

The quantum internet’s promise is a secure environment that computers can connect to the internet using satellites, not cables. Starlink satellites might provide internet access all over the world. Starlink has gained popularity, particularly in areas where internet cable is not accessible.

The greater security that quantum internet may offer could eliminate identity theft, providing an important upgrade to the banking industry and for other services. The rapid increase in digital currency requires more security. Today digital wallets on the internet are vulnerable to hacking; the only safe way to store digital currency is through the use of a hardware wallet, such as Ledger.

The ability to compute faster will allow users solve problems many times faster than the current technology. Secure internet can also offer an unbreakable voting system in the near future, since there are no external influences in a position to influence the results on the day of an election.

What can faster internet provide?

Videos are the most popular type of media on all online channels over the last decade or so, however quantum computing could lead to the rise of the hologram. It is possible that we will soon see an immersive 3D experience of a film, video or TV show.

Quantum computing is likely to bring about a myriad of improvements in technology, which currently rely on the internet for its operation for autonomous vehicles, medical technologies and various other ways of traveling.

The military has had access to higher-end technology that is not accessible to the general population quantum computers being among them. The shift to quantum computing could likely be the beginning of a new phase of technological advancement that will alter the way we view and communicate with each other.