Verizon email is actually an amazing product of Verizon communications and the email has a huge database for almost 4.4 million clients all across the world out of which 2.5 million uses are active users. But in the year 2017 the Verizon email was actually shift to AOL and not AOL manages the Verizon email. The amazing features of Verizon email login are the reason which makes the users use this Verizon email.

There are many users who are not aware of the steps they need to go with to login into your Verizon mail. This is why we have prepare this blog so that you can login into your account and then access it.

Steps to Login into Verizon Email –

It is true that you cannot create a new account with Verizon now. But you can surely your Verizon account which you create earlier before Verizon was shifted to AOL. The change which the users will notice that they cannot access their account. Now using My Verizon app instead they will need to visit site of AOL or Yahoo. So, below are the steps which the users can use when they want to use this email service.

  • For the initial step the users need to visit the login page by visiting the AOL or Yahoo page instead of Verizon sign in page.
  • Once you are on the login page you need to fill in the details. Which has been ask from you on the page. You are on like the complete email address of Verizon which is associate to your account.
  • After you have type in the email address of Verizon you need to hit the button of next to move to the next step.
  • Now in this step the users need to fill in the password of the email address they have earlier filled. Make sure to check the password you have entered twice before you move ahead to click on login button.
  • As soon as you will hit the login button you will be able to complete the Verizon email login. And now you can access your Verizon account. Not only this but the users can also use these steps in future. When they want to login into their Verizon email account.

There are many users also who are not able to access Verizon email and are dealing with issues with the same. In this blog we are also going to provide you with the steps using which you can fix all the issues. You are facing while accessing Verizon email account.

Ways to Fix Verizon Email Account Issues –

Optimizing the Browser

The users need to optimize the browser they are using so that if the problem is because of the browser then it could be solve. For this the users need to clear the junk files, cache files, browsing history, cookies and other things from the browser so that you can fix the issues with the Verizon email.

Disabling the Antivirus or the Firewall

It might be possible that you are facing Verizon email issue because of the antivirus on your device. As it might not be allowing Verizon email to work properly. So, the users can disable the anti virus for some and then they can turn it on. Once they are done with the Verizon login.

Settings of Verizon

The users should check the settings of the Verizon to see if they are done properly or not and if not then they need to set it properly.

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