Our ethnicity and decorations are a vital component of what we term heritage to an Indian heart. The rich tradition of gold jewelry continues to flourish, especially when it comes to heirloom classics like a Kamar bandh or a bracelet! Bangles have always fascinated us!

Wearing bangles has a special value for married ladies because it is an indication of her suhaag. This closeness, combined with the richness of Indian heritage, inspired us to design this jewelry in the first place.

Usually, Bangles are ring-like jewelry worn by women around their hands, a traditional culture practiced by all Indian women. Ladies used to wear gold bangles daily in the past decades, but in today’s modernized world, women prefer to wear precious gold or colored ornaments only on special occasions. These days, designed bangles include the stone bangles, which also come in a variety of designs. To add on Bangles are synonymous with Indian and most South Asian women because they are a part of their culture and ornamentation. 

Bangles are bracelets that are rigid and not loosely hanging like bracelets made of metals such as gold, silver, and so on, glass, plastic, wood, threads, and so on. These Bangles can be worn by young girls and teenagers, and toddlers who prefer gold or silver bangles.

Women still admire and appreciate bangles as much as they did many years ago. These priceless items provide your outfit with an entrancing allure and a look you’ve always wished for. Be it bridal, party, or other inherited traditions and celebrations that India is famed for, the brilliant designs provide a magnificent and alluring persona to your complete look.

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How to Wear?

Ladies bangles have been around for generations, evolving from simple metal bands to a variety of styles hence they will never go out of trend. These wrist clinchers have made their way through history and now have a home in the modern Indian wardrobe. Hence here are a few tips to use them.

Add specific bangles to your Wardrobe

After Pearls, Isn’t a Kundan bracelet or bangle set necessary to complete your bangle collection? YES, we believe. Kundan is an ancient Indian gemstone jewelry style. Apart from giving your dress a royal air, it’s also ideal for wedding outfits and temple trips. For ladies who enjoy collecting stone bangle designs, the zirconia stone bangle is a good choice, and the Kundan stone bangle has an antique look.

A single Kada/bracelet

A single huge bangle that provides appeal to your wrist on its own. Kadas can be made of gold, minakari, Kundan, stones, and other materials. Kadas are usually unstructured and have removable ends. This goes with almost anything, including sarees, casual looks, suits, and Kurtis. THE AAGAM, for example, is a luxury gold-plated carved temple bangle with hydro rubies, while the ADIA is a hydro Kundan Polki gold bracelet with white shell pearls, pink agate beads, and red hydro ruby carvings. This single bracelet perfectly curls your wrist.

Maintain Simplicity

Some women prefer effortlessly fashionable and light accessories to heavy clothing and make-up, and therefore Pearl Bangles and Gold Bangles are excellent alternatives for those lovely ladies. White shell pearls glisten in the extremely precise artistry made of beautiful meenakari gold with Kundan work.

From thin bangles to thick kadas, these bangles are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, traditional or Western.

Diamond bracelets are ideal for achieving a sophisticated appearance. Because they are worn on the wrist, they complement necklaces and earrings without detracting from their elegance. Avoid wearing large, hanging bracelets to work because they make a loud noise and interfere with your work.

These can be worn with traditional Indian outfits in vibrant colors such as red, green, and purple. Don’t worry about the colors; daily wear gold bangles go with everything! Wear them to work with an elegant sari or to a Mehendi ceremony with a simple Indian suit.