Amazon is the world’s biggest name in eCommerce, with a whopping 300 million users worldwide and 18.5 orders every second. It’s a splendid venue to order things for others and yourself. If you are wondering what to give a large group of people, instead of hitting the “+” sign to add large quantities of a product to your Amazon cart, why not buy bulk Amazon gift cards? Cast your qualms aside because gift cards are safe, easy, and genius gift ideas. Here are some reasons you should hand out Amazon gift cards.

#1 Amazon is a One-Stop-Shop

Amazon gets its name from the Brazilian rainforest, which is home to 40,000 varieties of plants, more than 1,200 birds, and 427 mammals. While you certainly can’t buy a peanut head bug, a bullet ant, or a glass frog from the eCommerce namesake, you can shop for more than 12 million products from 30 categories and countless brands. Because Amazon contains mostly everything anyone could want (within reason), you don’t have to worry about anyone feeling excluded or disappointed.

#2 Great Discounts

With the number of Prime subscribers exceeding 200 million, Amazon users can avail of free delivery, low shipping rates, and slashed prices. Giving someone a gift card will only improve their shopping experience on Amazon because it’s free money! Discounts, gift cards, and vouchers encourage people to shop more than they usually would because lower prices entice them and press them to act as soon as possible.

#3 No Reservations Discussing Online Purchases

When employees receive cash gifts in sealed envelopes, they seal their lips around their colleagues because cash is an uncomfortable thing to discuss. Talking about salary or cash rewards in the workplace is often a breach of professional etiquette and company policy. On the other hand, when employees receive Amazon gift cards and purchase Bluetooth earphones for themselves, chew toys for their dogs, or knitting supplies for grandma, they will openly chat about it around the water cooler during their 15-minute break. 

#4 Cross-Platform Functionality

The value of your gift card ends up in your Amazon Pay Balance. Depending on where you live, you can use this money not only to shop from the catalogue but also to recharge your phone and WiFi, pay utility bills, and shop on select partner sites.

#5 No Delivery Wait Times

Businesses that offer bulk Amazon gift cards deliver them instantly. All you have to do is tell them the number of cards, specify the values, and pay a nominal fee. They take over from there and dispatch the gift cards to the intended recipients. Because the cards are digital, they will not have to wait for hours or days, answer phone calls, or give directions.

#6 Eco-friendly

Digital Amazon gift cards are a boon to the environment. Printed gift cards may look small, but when you consider their quantity, you will realise how much paper they involve. Also, since it is impolite to present gifts or cards as they are, you will have to put them in envelopes. This, again, leads to unnecessary paper wastage. Increase and affirm your corporate social responsibility through eco-conscious gifting practices. In addition to being sustainable, digital gift cards are less likely to get lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no good reason someone should pass up free Amazon bucks. Stop browning folders, pens, and picture frames. Order Amazon gift cards in bulk and gift your employees the freedom to gift themselves whatever they please.