Dubai is a global metropolis and a popular tourist attraction within the Middle East region, thanks to its geographical position. Hatta the “picturesque mountain area” is perfectly situated for an excursion on a day for visitors visiting Dubai as well as an escape from the city’s bustle and hustle.

Find out details about Hatta Dubai excursion:

How to Reach Hatta?

It is located in Dubai, Hatta is one of the United Arab Emirates’ constituent regions. Most journeys to Hatta start with Dubai International Airport. Dubai along with Hatta are linked by private bus services as well as public buses, and the trip takes about 90 minutes. Driving a rental car is an alternative. In the event that Americans come to the UAE in the first place, they’re granted a tourist stamp for 30 days.

From Dubai

by car:Hatta is 125 kilometers away from Dubai and takes about one and a half hours from there. While traveling you’ll be passing by numerous scenic routes. From Dubai go on the Maliha route to Hatta and continue along the E-102 route for about 90 minutes. In Dubai the cheapest car hire is about $30 per day.

By bus:Taking the bus from Dubai to this location takes a little longer than driving. Although you can travel via the public transport system it takes about 3 hours and 20 mins to reach your destination. The cost of an average bus ticket is between 13 to 15 AED.

From Abu Dhabi

by car: Driving in your own vehicle for about 2 hour and forty minutes between Abu Dhabi to Hatta. It is ideal if you want to speed up your travels and prefer to wander around at your own pace. To reach Hatta in a timely manner, take the route of Dubai-Al-Ain until you get to Male.

On Buses: A bus to Hatta leaves the capital city at every fifteen minutes and will take around 3 hours 35 minutes. The E16 bus departs Sabkha the bus terminal and has a scheduled arrival at Hatta bus station at the right time.

Hatta Climate

Hatta is moderate climate compared to the other regions. While Dubai is humid and hot and the desert hot as well, Hatta provides reprieve in the form of mild and dry conditions for all of the year. In spite of the fact Hatta is hot during the summer months, with temperatures reaching mid 90s F or higher but humidity levels are still moderate. The daytime temperature of 70 degrees is more frequent for the majority all of the time.


Hatta is situated in the Hajar mountains’ foothills along with the “magnificent mountain scenery” as described in Lonely Planet is a large part of the attractiveness of Hatta. Hatta is also classified as an “heritage village” which means it’s truly Arab. There aren’t many tourist-focused businesses and eateries within the actual hamlet, which makes Hatta worth visiting simply for its ambience. A fort dating to the 16th century can be located in the town.

Hatta Rock Pools

Many trips to the town are accompanied by off-roading on a four-by-four vehicle or an SUV through the desert or mountains. In particular, the Hatta rock pools are a frequent place to stop along these journeys. They are narrow, winding Valleys of polished Granite which have clear, pristine ocean pools that are fed by springs. It is also home to the Mezereh market, which is located on the route to Hatta offers souvenir-worthy knickknacks like candles and rugs.

Hatta Trip Travel Tips

  • It is suggested that you take warm clothing as Hatta is colder than Dubai.
  • If the weather is bad, do not consider swimming in the Hatta pools of rock since the levels of water can fluctuate.
  • The best time to engage in sports that require a lot of effort is in the morning, when there are fewer people.
  • If you’re considering kayaking be prepared to wait for at least 20 mins.
  • When you travel through the high terrains, be sure to are driving with an experienced driver aboard.
  • Since this is a hilly zone and a hilly area, it’s not safe to drive in or engage in dangerous activities after sunset. If you’re planning to return from Abu Dhabi or Dubai the next day, leave early before darkness falls because roads aren’t driveable at night.
  • If you’re planning to cross the border, be sure to keep important documents such as your passport and driver’s license in your bag.

Here you go! This is the complete guide to Hatta Tour in Dubai. You must choose the top tour company to ensure you have the most memorable experience.