Cybercriminals are increasing at an alarming rate. Due to the lockdown of COVID-19, people were restricted to staying indoors causing a halt to their social connectivity on a physical scale. While to counter this, they started finding new ways to digitally contact their circle of friends while playing games, leading them to become a victim of online theft due to anonymous strangers as per Shufti Pro news. Hackers were seen invading the profiles of the gamers, illicit in-game purchases were made, people were bullied online, and much more disruptive activities were elevated during the recent pandemic. Minors, as well as the elders, were addicted to their smartphones being engaged in all kinds of online games.

Protecting Minors with Age Verification Solutions

Since the rise of internet usage, teenagers are seen engaged in interactions conversed in the virtual world more as compared to the real world. Keeping them off gambling sites can often get tricky for the parents as they cannot constantly monitor what their children are doing on their smartphones. To trigger this, hackers can attack them by installing malicious malware on their electronic devices or performing suspicious illegal actions through phishing into their gaming accounts. Therefore, age verification services have become more of a necessity in the gaming world nowadays to track new methods of fraud and implement strict actions against it by gaming developers. A balanced approach should be maintained by the market developers to ensure better and a more secure gaming experience for the player worldwide.

The Simplified Version of Online Age Verification

To get age verified, the individuals are required to go through an identification procedure in which they need to present their documents digitally through a webcam, and data is matched with the evidence given by the individual stored in the database. In order to ensure further security concerns, facial recognition techniques are carried out in which the facial features captured through a selfie camera or in a video are matched with the picture pasted on the official documents. For age verification purposes, the legal age is checked and children are not allowed to play age-restricted games involving gambling and betting. This whole process minimizes the rate of illegally accessing gambling sites by keeping the accounts of gamers suspended until they are liable enough to use them. 

A More Advanced Step Towards Keeping Track of Gamers

Identities are verified in compliance with the know your customer regulations being implemented in different sectors. But to go further in this step, KYCC or Know Your Customer Customer’s approach is used widely by financial institutions and gaming operators, to keep a track of who their customers are having business deals with and to investigate any potential risks associated with those people involved in that particular business deal. This can help to eradicate any fraudsters who might have a link with conducting any money-laundering, corruption activities. 

Becoming a Victim of Various Scaming Tricks 

With the advancement in the techniques of scammers, they viciously trick individuals into fulfilling certain unlawful tasks. There are numerous kinds of scamming tricks that can bother the gaming experience of users. Some of them are:

  • Online Bullying: Children are sensitive to certain remarks and can get easily affected by mean comments. The chat option available in a lot of games can cause strangers to pass hurtful statements which can affect a child’s mental stability at an early stage. 
  • The Anonymous Scam: Hiding the truth about identity can sometimes prove to be very harmful. It might happen, more often, with the minors that they would be interacting with somebody who is a criminal but is faking an identity leading them to conduct wrongful actions. 
  • The False Premium Hidden Fees: Limited version of the games can cause users to get messages or emails to buy the premium version by paying some hidden fees. As soon as the transactions are confirmed, nothing happens which was promised before and players realize that they got scammed. 

Wrapping it Up

In the gaming zone, new games are being installed on a daily basis by the players on their mobile phones at an increasing rate. Minors can become a victim of different cybercrimes if they are not monitored properly. This is the reason verify age checks need to be appointed by gaming developers to enhance the gaming experience of the users. This will restrict minors from getting access to age-restricted games or sites which could lead them into malicious crimes. Hence, an age verification solution, in compliance with KYCC, has become a necessity for the market developers which will enhance brand image while providing a satisfactory customer experience. For this purposes, many KYC businesses are receiving international investments such as Shufti Pro funding that is recently done by Updata Partners.