Choosing your favorite fragrance is not easy as it seems. The fragrance reflects your personality and choosing the right one can be tricky. A good perfume can cost you a good amount of money so finding the best one requires research and trial too. Luckily we have gathered some tips to help you find your perfect perfume. In this article, you will get to know about expert advice to help you find your perfect scent.

1. Select according to your personality

Everyone wants to wear fragrances according to their personality. Oud, musk is an earthy fragrance and they complement strong personality. Mild floral or fruity fragrances go best with humble and modest personalities. If you have a strong and bold personality choose the fragrance with strong notes. Souk galleria offers all sorts of best perfumes in Pakistan. We have our premium and exclusive perfume and attar collection featuring oud, musk, floral and fruity notes.

  1. Do not go for other’s recommendation

Often people choose fragrances based on other recommendations but it can not be a good idea because a fragrance working fine for one person can not work for you. You try to do research according to your preferences and choose wisely.

  1. Do not spray too many perfumes together

You will find a variety of fragrances at a store and you will be in a rush to try them all at once. It is not advisable as it can mix the notes and you will not be able to recognize and differentiate among different notes. When you try a particular fragrance give ample time for releasing fragrance notes.

4. Try perfume on pulse points

Perfumes can be tested on pulse points like inside of elbow, wrists, neck, and hollow of knees. There are pulse points that allow perfumes to evaporate more effectively.

5. Know perfume notes

Each fragrance has three types of notes. Top notes release immediately after spraying followed by middle and heart notes. Do some research about your favorite notes before buying a scent. Choose notes according to your personality.

  1. Do not rub perfume after applying

Whether you are testing a perfume or applying a fragrance avoid rubbing it onto your skin.As it can break the top note molecules and alter the fragrance.

  1. Choose according to your skin type

You know your skin is dry or oily. So select the fragrance accordingly. For dry skin, Eau de  Toilette is recommended. As dry skin dissipates perfume faster. It is also advisable to moisturize your skin before perfuming to make your scent last longer.

  1. Ask for samples

You do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a fragrance not known to you. Whenever you go to a store ask for the sample perfumes or strips first. You can also order them online before making an actual purchase. Go for expert advice before buying.

  1. Do research about the stores around you

Check for the reputation of the store you are visiting for your purchase. Have a look at their website before an actual visit. Check on their customer service and staff to have a pleasant experience.

  1. Test six fragrances in one trip

Trying too many fragrances can be confusing so it is recommended by experts to try only six fragrances in one trip. Give the time of 24 hours to release the notes and choose later on.

  1. Get an idea about perfume concentration.

There are four levels of perfume concentration.


Eau de parfum

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Cologne

Have a proper idea of choosing your type before investing your money.

  1. Smell from the bottle directly

Before applying perfume to skin smell from the bottle directly so that you can get the idea you like the fragrance or not.

  1. Refresh yourself after each try

Before trying other fragrances refresh your nose by smelling something neutral so that you can differentiate among different smells.

  1. Avoid wearing scent while going perfume shopping

As you are going to choose among different fragrances so avoid wearing your own scent when going to shop for scents.

We hope you get the idea about how to get your best fragrance by reading these hacks.