• We will save money, because buying a cavitation device at home pays for itself in 10 – 15 sessions.
  • We will avoid having to go to aesthetic centers and depend on their schedules or availability.
  • Effectively removes fat.
  • Stimulates collagen production to prevent sagging.
  • It does not leave stitches or scars, since it is a non-intrusive process.
  • It does not require recovery processes or the use of reducing belts as it happens with other therapies.
  • It is suitable for any type of person (although it is always advisable to consult with our doctor before starting any kind of treatment).

How to use cavitation machine at home

This is a very important question, because it is not enough to get a domestic cavitation machine and that’s it. Learning how to use it and the best ways to use it will be key to getting the most out of it and obtaining the best results in less time. The first thing we will have to do to know how to use a cavitation machine at home will be to carefully read its instruction manual. In it, we will not only find the basics on handling the device, but we should also find valuable practical advice on how to carry out the treatments.

As for the aspects related to the handling of the cavitation machine at home, in the manual we should find everything we need to know: from the installation of the various components of the equipment, to advice on its correct maintenance.

The part dedicated to the treatment methodology of the manual will also give us various guidelines on how to do cavitation at home effectively and safely. For example, he will tell us about the best posture for the treatment patient, in which areas the therapy can be performed, whether or not the use of conductive gels is necessary, how to apply the heads, the recommended time for each session. And a host of important issues like these.

Needless to say, it is also advisable to ask professional staff or experts in this field to share with us their knowledge and make recommendations on the use of the cavitation machine at home and the most effective treatments. If we don’t know anyone with that profile, we can always turn to the Internet, where we will find tons of information and a multitude of videos with practical advice. Next, we leave you one of those that we have found on YouTube:

Where to buy a portable cavitation machine

The effectiveness of this type of treatment is more than proven, and the high prices that aesthetic centers impose on us for this therapy mean that more and more ordinary users are considering purchasing portable equipment to carry out your own treatments at home. That brings us to the next question: where do they sell home cavitation machines?

The truth is that, although the demand is increasing every day, the supply is still quite small, since not all manufacturers have yet embarked on the adventure of the domestic market. Luckily for all of us, some brands have done so, aware of the potential market that opens up in this sector. Now, going back to the topic of this section, it’s time to check it out where to buy a home cavitation kit. Next, we review the most common points of sale today:

Official distributors of the brands: when dealing with sophisticated equipment, many manufacturers, instead of marketing their products in traditional appliance stores, prefer to do so through their own distribution channels. On the one hand, it’s fine; because we make sure that they are 100% official models… However, this option has a notable drawback, and that is that the prices are usually quite expensive.

Supermarkets: if we are looking for good prices, these huge establishments in our cities can be a good option. Unfortunately, as they are not specialized stores in this sector, we will find few products from a few brands, and we will be forced to settle for that.

Buy cavitation machine at home online: Internet is usually the most interesting option to acquire any type of item. And portable cavitation machines will be no exception. On the Internet, we can find any model from any manufacturer and, in addition, it is very possible that the prices are lower than in any physical store.