In a suction-wipe-robot test, special attention is paid to which sensors are present in the commercial style kitchen faucet the sensors make it easy to determine how intelligent the robots are and thus also whether they really work fully automatically.

Most suction-wipe-robot test winners create a site plan of the apartment in no time at all thanks to the various sensors. This pays off especially if the devices have to go to the charging station in between.

Through the sensors, they remember where the cleaning was finished and drive back to this point after starting.

Pay particular attention to the fact that the suction-wiping robots continue to clean automatically after charging. There are also devices that you have to turn back on by hand.

Furthermore, your suction-wiping robot should easily make it over the edges and detect obstacles and drive around them. For this purpose, most suction-wiping robots are equipped with a laser.

Advantages and disadvantages

– Meanwhile, there are suction-wiping robots under 200 euros and so these devices are affordable for numerous households. Above all, the significant time savings make the devices so popular in numerous households today.

In part, the advantages and disadvantages of the suction-wiping robots depend on the equipment of the devices. For example, in order to control a suction-wipe robot via Alexa, it must be linkable to the Wi-Fi network of your home network.

We summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of the devices, which show up independently of a suction-wipe-robot test:


  • vacuum and clean the floors automatically
  • save time in everyday life
  • suitable for many floors
  • The wiping function is limited to hard floors
  • easy handling
  • Models with room detection well suited for large areas


  • cannot replace the vacuum cleaner during basic cleaning
  • sometimes do not reach corners
  • can sometimes knock over light, loose objects

Which suction-wipe-robot types are available for you to choose from?

If you would like to be supported in cleaning your floors by a suction-wiping robot, best industrial kitchen various types of these smart household appliances are available to you. As in a suction-wiping-robot test, we differentiate on the basis of the equipment and summarize the most important features:

Suction-wiping robot with laser navigation

technologically particularly innovative

Easy detection of the environment is possible

particularly intelligent thanks to room recognition

detect obstacles faster

often more durable

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Suction-wiping robot with the suction station

offer more comfort

empty automatically

The suction station picks up dirt from several suction rounds

Self-emptying ideal for large areas

is suitable as a suction-wiping robot for allergy sufferers

Suction-wiping robot with app control

Integration into the smart home is possible

can be controlled via smartphone and tablet

Suction-wiping robot is WLAN-compatible

can be started from a distance

ideal as a suction-wiping robot for 2 floors