The hobby of collecting involves acquiring, categorizing exhibits, and preserving things of interest to you. The collections could be old or unique, or even something which has sentimental significance. The hobby covers a wide variety of inexpensive to expensive goods. For certain people collecting is a hobby that they enjoyed as children but for others it’s a long-lasting passion or something they pursued when they reached adulthood. Collectors who begin young usually modify their interests as they grow older.


The business of collecting for a living is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. People are earning huge amounts of cash by accumulating collections and selling the items on auction websites more than twice, or even triple the initial price.

Many people love having an item that is signed by their favorite celebrities The collection of autographs is becoming more in popularity over time. Many people keep their collection to preserve some of them, while the majority collect the autographs to sell and make profits. However there are many stores that sell fake authentic items and deceive customers.


A lot of stores around the world have authentically signed items by famous people. The most renowned one is SWAU (

SWAU is a top global autograph collection center featuring celebrity autographs of Star Wars, Marvel, and many other franchises. There are numerous signed items from almost every Hollywood celebrity and all of them are authenticated. They are active on Instagram ( official/) and Twitter ( official), continuously delivering updates about their business, as well as which celebrities have signed certain items. For additional confirmation, the “Iron Man” in the flesh, Robert Downey Jr, posted about them on his personal Instagram account (, indicating that he will be signing with SWAU. In addition, many other well-known actors have signed up, including Chris Pratt (, Gal Gadot, Chris Hemsworth, Daniela Melchior ( and more.

They also issue hologram verification numbers, which you may check on their website ( Just enter your hologram number, and they’ll respond within a few minutes.

In short it, collecting has overtaken the resale market , and continues to dominate the market over the next several years. It’s an excellent idea to buy and then resell items to make some dollars, but be sure you buy it from a legitimate seller to avoid being ripped off.

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