This is a lot of pressure, and you don’t only need to get viewers to view your videos, but also you’re expected to draw the type of viewers who keep watching long after they’ve left your channel.

Here are some suggestions to boost the time you watch your channel and ultimately show up more often in recommendation and search results. You can also buy YouTube watch time with SoNuker.

Start with a fantastic introduction.

It’s the first thing to do is grab your target audience. Attract their attention quickly, and that’s precisely what Google does. The first 15 seconds is your best chance to bring it about.

YouTube’s YouTube Playbook to Brands as well as Agencies provides this information:

  • Create a compelling first impression visually, either through your personality or messages.
  • Directly address the viewer and not the audience in general.
  • Ask them a question or create an activity to stimulate their interest.
  • Watch what they are likely to see in a brief video.

2. Divide the video into segments

Similar to chapters in books, YouTube’s chapters make it easier for viewers to know what’s to come.

It would help if you thought about dividing your videos into parts. Each chapter should feature an engaging opening scene and a compelling story. Outlines can help with this.

3. Include pattern interruption

The likelihood that your viewers stay or go away in a flurry is based on engagement. The interruption of patterns makes it more likely.

When the same images or narratives are repeated, viewers become bored, and bounce rates increase. But patterns can also grab viewers’ attention during the entire game.

HuffPost author Helen Roe explains, “A pattern interrupt is a strategy to change how you think or behave. Behavior psychological research and Neuro-linguistic Programming utilize this method to disrupt and alter thoughts and behavior.

4. Do your keyword study

There is no way to avoid the importance of keywords simply because they’re videos. When developing content ideas, ensure that you conduct a simple keyword search, especially on YouTube, the second-largest search engine on the planet.

Go to an online software like Keyword Tool (change the default choice in the tool to YouTube Search) and type in a topic relevant to your area to determine its interest in search (i.e., keywords, volume).

5. Tell stories

Storytelling is an excellent option for those who want to be entertained and those who wish to gain knowledge. Find out how you can tell your story authentically and engagingly that viewers will enjoy (i.e., continue to watch).

6. Collaborate

Join forces with people who share your brand’s same idea and mission. They can present their stories. By working with each other, you will bring in viewers who usually visit your partner’s videos, increase your audience and boost your viewing time. 

7. Create longer videos

A shorter video requires a more significant number of viewers to receive the same watch time as a longer one with fewer people. If you publish longer videos, you could tailor them toward your target audience and still receive a view length that YouTube’s algorithm likes.

8. Create a series

A sequence of videos can lead to more viewing time. It is more likely to make your viewers continue watching by linking with related videos.

9. Use YouTube analytics

Analyzing your YouTube analytics gives you fantastic insight into your content and channel’s macro and micro views. You can view the number of viewers in terms of days, times, and more. Additionally, you can find information on the videos themselves. Of particular importance are the times of drop-off. After that, you can look back at the content within those timestamps to see what might not work. Then, you can use that information to improve the content of those videos and enhance the future videos.