Dining outdoors is a trend these days. People love to reconnect with nature, especially when it comes to enjoying the experience of food. They like to go on a picnic, eat at a treehouse, or enjoy delicious food at a restaurant with outdoor seating. Whenever they go to any restaurant, they expect good food, good service, and a good experience. But one thing that makes a place special is being able to enjoy the experience outdoors. 

Most restaurants today offer outdoor seating for their customers and this adds to the atmosphere. When done right, with the perfect furniture for outdoor dining, the experience can be bliss. Here are a few simple tips that restaurant owners can follow to choose the perfect outdoor dining set from the best furniture exporters from India and ensure the best dining experience for their customers. 


Some furniture isn’t suited for the outdoors. So, ensure that the furniture you choose suits all weather conditions. If you are shopping online, check the product details to ensure it is suitable for all weather conditions. If you are shopping offline, you can always ask the salesperson for dining sets that can handle all kinds of weather. 


Granite and wood are natural materials that work well together. They’re both sturdy and have their styles. Wood is great for creating beautiful tables and chairs that are still comfortable. However, almost all restaurants having outdoor seating prefer this classic wooden furniture that adds up a lively feel to the ambience. Wooden furniture proper protective sealant makes the best choice. Granite is great for making tabletops that look classy and can last many decades. 

Shape, Size and Style 

Shape, size and style play an important role in deciding the type of furniture you’re looking for your restaurant. There are different shapes and sizes of furniture that you should consider based on the space available. 

Style can depend on the theme you have opted for your restaurant. Are you looking for modern furniture or classy furniture? If you’re looking to add a classy touch to your restaurant, an L-shaped or round-shaped dining table will add elegance and sophistication. Whatever your choice is, always go for minimalistic options like highchairs or backless chairs for that perfect look.


While you might think this is not an important point, it actually is. Accessories like quality umbrellas, mist fans or other decor items should blend with your furniture to get that perfect look. So, considering the type of accessories you use will help you decide on the furniture. 


Do not mistake your outdoor dining set for being a separate area. Instead consider it to be a part of your restaurant that matches with the theme of your restaurant. A theme that’s considered inside the restaurant should eventually match with the outdoor dining things like wall art, statues, and patterns. All these should be in sync with the theme. 

Choose a Good Supplier

It’s important to pick the right supplier. Don’t just go for the cheapest option. Make sure the supplier is reliable and will provide you only high-quality furniture. How can you do this? Look for a supplier that has been in the field for several years. Make sure the supplier can offer fair prices and deliver your furniture undamaged. Check the supplier’s website for photos of their recent work.


This is indeed an important consideration. The type of furniture you choose should sit perfectly on your floor, whether it’s wooden flooring, granite or grass carpets. Ideally, your furniture and flooring should depict the overall theme of the restaurant. 


With the many choices of furniture that are available in the market, you would surely want to make sure to choose something that will match the decor and your budget. If you have a small budget, then look for minimal yet classy options. 
We hope these tips help you choose the right outdoor furniture for your restaurant. Find a dining room furniture manufacturer and supplier in India so that you can get the best.