The saws blades is the one tool that every woodworker requires in their workshop. It makes it possible to cut through the wood with ease and precision, thus making your work easier. The jigsaw blade is available in different shapes and sizes, which you can choose based on the type of material you want to cut. However, even with so many choices available, there is no denying the fact that maintaining these tools need some special attention as well.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your blades.

1. Change the Blades Regularly:

As we all know, saws blade is one tool which makes it possible to cut through any material with ease, but the only drawback here is that these blades come in contact with wood and metal at high speeds and sharpening them becomes a difficult task.

Thus, changing the blades every time they become dull or begin to rust is mandatory. You can take into account how sharp you want your blades to be while making this choice as well. A good quality blade should be capable enough to cut through different sizes of woods without giving up easily. However, if you want maximum support from your tools then choose ones that are durable and can be easily maintained.

2. Keep your blades clean:

It is important to keep the blades clean so that the sawdust and other residues do not affect their performance. You can either use a brush or a rag to clean them, but make sure that you do it regularly. Lubrication for the blades regularly is also important which will help in keeping them sharp and protected from rusting. You can either use a lubricant spray or a blade oil for this purpose.

It is important to clean the blades regularly as this will help in preventing any build-up of dirt and debris on them. This can cause the blades to become blunt and ineffective. You can use a damp cloth to clean them or you can also wash them with soap and water.

Although sharpening the blades is a bit of an extra task, it is necessary to keep them performing at their best. You can either do it yourself or take them to a professional for sharpening.

3. Store the blades properly:

It is important to store the blades properly when they are not in use as this will help in prolonging their life. You can either store them in a safe place or their original packaging. It also needs to get avoid using the blades for inappropriate tasks as this can cause them to become damaged. For example, do not try to cut through metal with a saw blade as this will damage it.

It is important to hold the saw at the right place as this will allow you to get appropriate results while using it. Make sure that there is no gap between your hand or fingers and the handle of the saw or else it will cause injury. Do not try to cut any object that cannot be cut through by a saw blade, like metal etc.

4. Prevent accidents if possible:

Saw blades are not safe if they are used wrong. This is because they can hurt you. Also, make sure there are no nails on the board that you cut into. If you cut into them, then they will fly around and hurt you while cutting the board.

Saw blades which are circular and have teeth on the edges along with a wooden or metal handle attached to it by a metal plate at one end is known as a saw blade. It cannot cut through objects which are thicker than the width of its blade. In order to avoid injury, make sure that you hold the saw in a way that your fingers and hand are close to it. Also, before cutting the board, remove all nails with a hammer. This will help because they fly when the saw cuts them and this can cause injury.

5. Oil them well:

Oiling the blades helps in keeping them lubricated and also protects them from rusting. You should oil them twice a month at least for best results. It is the best way to keep your blades in good condition.

Protecting your blade through oiling is a vital part of making it last. Oiling will keep the metal on both sides from rusting and letting moisture in, which can cause major problems for saws blades over time (and money). Saw blade oil is relatively cheap, so it’s a good idea to keep some on hand. Oil will protect the surface and keep it clean, but if not applied correctly can add unwanted weight or reduce performance for that sleek cut. Also help in the protection of your saw blade from corrosion, which is a challenge.

6. Use a blade guard:

A blade guard is a very important safety accessory that should always be used when operating a saw. It helps in protecting you from the blades in case they break or come loose. If you don’t have a blade guard, then there’s a high chance that this can damage the blades. These guards have a design to protect your saw from kicks and bangs while in use which prevents chipping or breaking.

Just like any other tool, it’s important to maintain your saw blade to get the most out of it. There are a few things that you can do to keep your saw blade in good condition. First, make sure that you clean off any debris or material that may have accumulated on the blade.

7. Store them properly:

Saws are best stored in a dry place and should never be stored in a damp environment as this will cause them to rust. In addition, keep them away from children’s reach as they can be quite dangerous if not handled properly.

When storing, saws are best kept in their original boxes or fitted into an appropriate-sized storage slot. The blades should be hung on a screwdriver rack with its teeth pointing down. If there is no storage space available for your saws, use nylon protective covers to prevent the blade from rusting and becoming dull.

8. Sharpen them regularly:

It is important to sharpen your saw blades regularly if you want to get the best results while cutting. A blunt blade can result in the wood splitting instead of being cut cleanly. You can either use a sharpening stone or a honing guide to achieve the desired sharpness.

Not all saws are created equal and using the wrong saw for the job can be quite frustrating. For example, if you are cutting wood with a saw, it is probably not the right one for that kind of wood. Find the right saw to use for what you are working on to avoid wasting time and effort.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a saw blade from Fridayrack. It’s important to choose the right type of blade for your project and keep it in good condition so that you can get optimal life out of them.