Notebooks are tools that are used for recording thoughts, information, and so on. Notebooks are available in many different sizes and types – spiral notebooks, paperback, hardcover, ruled, plain notebooks, drawing notebooks, and many more. There is a wide assortment of varieties from where you can buy online notebooks

Each one of the notebooks works the same way. There isn’t a single type which is considered to be best among the students and writers. All that matters is that it is used by the students to keep notes of their studies and for writers to write, brainstorm, make a to-do list, keep records of their day (journal), write down ideas, and so on. 

But, the quality might vary with each notebook and consumer preferences. It is a tool that is kept mostly by writers and students.

In the old days, it used to have a central role in every known sector. From business sectors to government offices, however, the advancement of technology replaced notebooks with computers, which are more convenient and reliable when it comes to storing important data and information.

Ideas To Start Writing Your Notebook

In case you are interested in starting your notebook, or just bought a notebook and you want to start writing in it immediately but aren’t certain what to write, then consider going through these ideas during your free time or your writing time. 


Write anything for 5 to 10 minutes straight, something that you liked, something that is utterly frustrating to you, something that you found extremely hilarious, write about your friends, and so on.


Rewrite a particular scene from a story that you liked from a different point of view. Or you can also write something of your own, something you have perceived earlier, but write it from someone else’s perspective.

Take Notes

Listen to what others are talking about around your surroundings to create backstories for your characters. Observe someone’s facial expressions and try to decipher or analyse what the person might be thinking and then write it in your notebook.


You can also draw or doodle the characters of the project you are working on or you can also try to sketch the main character from your favourite novel.


Notebooks are very effective and can play a vital role while you brainstorm. Write down any ideas in your notebook, and improvise those ideas to give them life.

Record names

When it comes to finding a character’s name, it can be frustrating, as it might not match the character’s personality or you might feel uncomfortable giving that name to your character. So, keep a list of the names you find appealing. A notebook is a great tool when it comes to writing your character’s names.

Note down Important information

Note down information that might be useful in your future project. Write the feedback and your peer’s opinion on certain projects that you have done. You can also write some guidelines and advice that you had gotten in a writer’s workshop.


There are other ways to start writing in your notebook as well. Think about what you want to write in your precious notebook. Furthermore, there is a wide assortment of available notebooks online in India from where you can buy online notebooks that you desire.