Collecting sports photos and memorabilia is the best way to honor your favorite team. It shows that you take pride in supporting them. And instead of locking the souvenirs away in some closet, you should display them in a designated area in your house or office. It helps keep the memories alive as you see them daily. You can instantly remember when a particular team won or played. 

On top of this, proper displaying can show the autograph mark on the jersey, photos, balls, sticks, or cards. Thus, you vividly remember your interaction with that iconic sportsman. With that in mind, here are seven tips for displaying your sports and memorabilia collection: 

  1. Look For Appropriately Sized Frames 

Framing primarily helps preserve a picture’s quality and enhance its appeal. Pick a frame for your photos and memorabilia, depending on their size. For high-quality frames, you should consider working with reliable picture framing companies. 

Some picture framing companies can provide quality service at affordable prices and prompt delivery times. They’re also your go-to option if you’re buying memorabilia going for outrageous prices, which need strong glass frames to prevent damage. 

Glass frames are preferred because they’re more durable and can shield most of your sports photos from damage. They also offer perfect visibility. For cards, ensure you use multi-layered glasses to protect them because of their fragile nature. And to preserve its shelf life, you must clean the glass regularly to remove dust. 

In addition, when placing your autographed sports photos in a hanging frame, you should uniformly position them to ensure they appear neat. If you have more than one piece to show, consider having the larger one at the center, then place the smaller ones beside it. Also, ensure you display the items creatively to prevent the collectibles from looking cluttered.  

  1. Consider Bringing In An Interior Designer 

Interior designers have the expertise to choose appropriate colors, antiques, and furniture. They can help beautifully arrange your sports photos and memorabilia collection to add aesthetic value. 

One can easily mess things up if done with no proper planning and execution. Hiring an interior designer means inviting a talented professional to take good care of one’s memorabilia. 

Therefore, if you’re having difficulty creating an appropriate space for your sports items, it is best to hire a reliable designer and ask them to assist you in setting up a breathtaking display. 

  1. Get A Case For Balls Or Cards

Balls or cards need the proper placement to show they’re part of your collection. They require strategic positioning, given that they come in various shapes and sizes, unlike other art pieces. 

For example, you’d want to place autographed balls in their case in one straight line to show that they are in proportion to other collectibles. You may also want to purchase premium quality cases for your precious baseball cards. Top-of-the-range cases help show the contents are of value and not just athletic equipment or mere cardboard.

  1. Consider Shadow Boxes For Jerseys

A shadow box is a sealed, glass front picture frame you can use to place in the jersey you got from your favorite players. You can display and show off the entire jersey or fold it to emphasize your favorite star’s signature or jersey number.

Placing them in a shadow box helps shield the jersey from dirt and dust.

  1. Avoid Putting Them On A Busy Wall

When displaying your collectibles, you’d want to ensure you keep them away from busy wallpapers since you may compromise the overall design. Clutter steals away attention from the sports memorabilia. For this reason, you must place them in an area with a soft solid-colored background instead of a bold or patterned one.

  1. Position Them Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage your photos and memorabilia. So, ensure the area isn’t exposed to sunlight when displaying them. Doing this ensures your sports items will always retain their original color and not fade. For the ones with autographs, store them in a cool place to preserve the writing. 

  1. Ensure The Room Is At Optimal Humidity Levels

Another excellent idea is to place the souvenirs in a room with optimal humidity levels. A moist area may make the memorabilia’s color fade out. On the other hand, a place exposed to water damage, like the basement, may destroy your collectibles by dissolving the signature ink on a jersey or making cards peel off. So, display them in relatively dry areas to prevent damage.


Displaying your memorabilia collection shouldn’t be a complicated task. It requires you to have the tools and skills to show your collection beautifully. Also, considering you bought them at costly prices, it’d be prudent to ensure their appearance doesn’t wear off. 

So, enclose them in premium quality framing for guaranteed durability. Your collections will live for years, and you’ll continually take pride in your favorite sports team.