Vacate cleaning is a process of deep cleaning the rental property before the final inspection. However, vacate cleaning in Perth is also known as the end of lease cleaning, exit cleaning and bond cleaning. Tenants must perform a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth at the end of the lease.

Affordable Vacate cleaning in Perth process includes; cleaning, dusting, wiping, mopping, small fixtures and fittings of all the nooks and crannies of the rental property. Therefore, when tenants move into the rental property, the landlord agrees with the tenant to leave the property in the same condition.

Importance of Vacate cleaning in Perth

The landlord takes some deposits from the tenants as a security of their property which the tenant can get back at the end of the tenancy. If the tenant does not provide the property in the same condition it was provided, the landlord will not refund security money.

Thus, vacate cleaning is essential for so many reasons;

  • To avoid many disputes
  • Vacate cleaning at the end of the lease is important to avoid any disputes between the owner and tenant. It is the tenants’ responsibility to deeply clean the property and do some fixtures if needed. Otherwise, landlords will not give security money back.

    Landlords provide a picture of the property before your move-in. So, they demand their property in the same condition at the end of the tenancy. Moreover, if you remain the property uncleaned, the owner may get triggered.

  • To get security money back
  • One of the genuine reasons for vacate cleaning is to get security money back. If the tenant does not perform end of lease cleaning, the property owners will not give back the security money.

  • To ensure a hygienic environment
  • When it comes to ensuring a hygienic environment, vacate cleaning takes place. Vacate cleaning deeply cleans every nook and crannies of the rental property. It should be noted, If you leave the property in unhygienic condition, then the landlord may deduct your bond money.

    What is the process of vacate cleaning?

    Vacate cleaning is the in-depth cleaning of the rental property. The process of vacate cleaning includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, and sanitising every corner of the rented property.

    Kitchen cleaning

    Firstly, deep kitchen cleaning is essential for the end of lease cleaning. However, the kitchen is the most noticeable place when you live on a property. If you leave the kitchen uncleaned, definitely it can cause many issues. At the end of lease cleaning, you should pay proper attention to the kitchen.

    Bathroom cleaning

    In addition to this, the bathroom is the most important place of the rental property, most owners notice that. By getting back unclean bathrooms, the owner may deduct bond money. So, before the final inspection bathroom should be cleaned properly. Sanitise each corner of the bathroom.

    Carpet and furniture cleaning

    Highlighted accessories of rented property should be sparkly cleaned. You can hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Perth. Carpet cleaning is a real challenge. It requires more effort and time in cleaning the carpet of the rental property. At this time, you can hire professionals, especially for commercial carpet cleaning in Perth. Thoroughly vacuum all furniture.

    Windows cleaning

    Pay special attention to windows. Especially, glass windows need to sparkle like never touched before.

    Small fixures

    Last but not least, do some small fixtures and fitting if needed.  All the lights, switches, taps etc. If those were not provided fixed, leave them as they are.

    Professional vacate cleaning services

    The best option is you can hire a professional vacate cleaning service. However, there are many professional vacate cleaning companies all over Perth. To get back bond money, the tenant definitely needs to hire professional vacate cleaning services.

    Vacate cleaning companies charge hourly. The charges depend on the state and size of the property. Whereas, if you do vacate cleaning yourself, you will have to spend more cost than the professional cleaners charge.

    Reasons you should hire vacate cleaners in Perth

    Undoubtedly, professional vacate cleaning companies provide so many benefits; one of the best is you can get your security money back.

    • Professional vacate cleaners provide quality cleaning services. Professional vacate cleaners follow vacate cleans Perth standard checklist.
    • Good vacate cleaning companies use modern tools for quality vacate cleaning services.
    • Professional vacate cleaners are properly trained and skilled.
    • You can save your time and effort by hiring professional vacate cleaners.
    • Professional cleaners pay more attention to all the important things on the property.


    Above all, vacate cleaning is the process of deep cleaning the rental property at the end of the lease. Therefore, it is to be done before the final inspection of the property owner. So, you can return the property in its original condition to the owner. After the final check, your bond money will be recovered by experiencing vacate cleaners in Perth. It is essential in Perth because of many reasons that are mentioned above.

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