The real estate market is saturated right now, and not just with volatile buying and selling. Real estate professionals have increased exponentially as a response to the unrest in the housing industry. While plenty of options are ideal for buyers to choose from, those working in the field must work harder to differentiate themselves from the competition. Learn six marketing methods to stand out as a real estate professional. 

Creating a Website & Blog

Think of your website and blog as a home base for your clients to find you. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if they need your expertise or want to engage, they should be able to reach you in those two places. Your website will remind them of your services and can gather a batchleads phone number. When they dig deeper, your blog will provide the insight they need to take the next step to convert. 

Using Social Media 

Social media supports your brand and directs people back to your website. Many experts with a wholesale real estate mentor use one blog post for a week’s worth of social posts to direct leads back to the website. If you plan correctly, you can write a little and turn one blog post into several social media posts that stretch out over a few days. 

Building Your Brand On and Offline 

Authenticity is critical in an oversaturated market. You have to project your voice and brand no matter where you are and what you’re doing to succeed. This aspect of constant marketing can be taxing. Many people find that separating business from professional can be difficult when building a personal brand. 

Engaging With Clients 

Social media is effective when addressing clients. Rather than taking the time to respond to DMs or sift through posts, schedule an AMA or a live session every other week to “talk” to your audience. You can generate the talking points to direct the conversation.

Listing Properties Regularly 

Both available properties and those you have recently sold are excellent posts. Potential buyers love to see what magic you managed to work out for others and revel in the thought of a smooth, stress-free process for their own experience. Motivated seller leads will appreciate the legwork you are doing.

Employing Combo Marketing 

Look back over the list, and you’ll see that there are many forms of marketing simultaneously at work already. To seal in success, consider adding auto-mailers and newsletters to your approach to bolster your engagement and communicate to clients regularly. People who want to hear from you won’t consider it spam because they signed up for your messaging; however, it is ideal to keep correspondence meaningful. 

Each of these marketing approaches is about building your presence as an authority in the real estate industry. You have the expertise, and you just need a way to communicate that to buyers effectively. 

To effectively cut through the noise and the competition, you must be easily identifiable to your current and potential clients. Take the necessary steps to build your brand and cultivate meaningful relationships, and your leads will grow.