The addition of sleeves to a container can make the item placed within it even more highlighted. Custom sleeve boxes are one of a kind ways to present and keep up your position in the market. Moreover, they are available in any size and shape. Also, containing the same number of sleeves as a certain item requires. The imprinting on them makes them look more aesthetic and pleasing in design and style.

Not to mention that they are one of the most fashionable products in the packaging market. Many companies use these for packaging as well as for displaying items. To make these boxes more personal, any time of customization can be added, from colors to logos to embellishments. Using a customized sleeve box is a sophisticated way to display and progress your business in this busy market. It comes with high quality making it suitable for any size or shape.

High-quality cardboard material is used in the construction of these sleeve boxes. They are further designed with attractive sleeves. The printing decision is entirely yours, regardless of whether you require a single-colored sleeve or printed boxes with a variety of colors and appealing structures.

Types of Tray and Sleeve Boxes

There are many different types of tray and sleeve boxes available. There are numerous shapes, designs, and styles available for various purposes; you can select the one that best suits your needs. It is dependable on your choice and needs for everything from gifts to weddings to food boxes. Each box is unique & has its own set of characteristics. However, you cannot select every type of box for the same products. Each product necessitates a unique set of packaging and boxes. When it comes to packaging, you should make an informed decision by selecting the appropriate type of box for your product. Custom sleeve boxes can almost be used for any product and its packaging.

Custom sleeve boxes are a good idea for storing a variety of products. Tray and sleeve packaging has unique characteristics that make them very appealing to customers. Custom sleeve boxes are ideal for packaging everything from bakery products to delicate and valuable watches and jewelry. Because of the increased demand for custom sleeve boxes wholesale, every brand is attempting to manufacture them. As a result, they are attempting to compete in the best way possible. These boxes have a unique way of presenting and promoting products on the market. So, if you want to make your product stand out in the market, go with Kraft sleeve boxes.

Why Custom sleeve boxes?

More Sales

Custom tray and sleeve boxes can be customized into many fascinating designs that attract more customers. It provides brands the opportunity to print their company name beneath the box display panel. Moreover, brands can also advertise their brand by giving the product name at the top of the display panel. All these advantages obviously increase the sales due to effective advertisement. If you choose the right packaging for your products, then brands can enjoy effective advertisement and promote their products according to their requirement.

High-Quality Custom tray & Sleeve boxes:

As the manufacturing material of the custom tray and sleeve box is very sturdy, it can hold onto products tightly. These boxes are made of high-quality material, giving them an amazing look. Therefore, it can be used for several different purposes. Customers nowadays, along with the look, also check the quality of the box so that they can keep their products stored for a longer period of time. So, in this case, quality matters a lot, and a number of famous packaging companies give high priority to the quality of custom trays and sleeve boxes.

Custom tray and sleeve box provide protection to products.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are divided into two parts, the upper part, and the lower part. The upper part contains the lid, which makes the product safe and protected. The lower part is used to keep the items within it secure and tight. Moreover, you can also add the display part to these boxes because it protects the product from dust and other contaminants. This results in giving your product a more appealing look while being protected. The display component function as a shield for your items. So if you want to show off your product while it is still in its packaging, then such boxes are the perfect option. 

Catchy color combination

Have you ever wondered how the color combination plays with your psychology? When a customer visits a store, the printing and color combination utilized in printing is crucial. Using appealing, vibrant, bright-colored packaging is critical for any small or large business to keep its business running in the competitive market. Custom tray and sleeve boxes are printed with unique colors which attract customers’ attention by playing with their psychology.

Imprinting inspirational artwork, themes, photos, mottos, and the company’s name can influence the buyer’s decision. According to a survey, almost 90% of the people make their buying decision according to the color combination. You can personalize your customized custom tray and sleeve box with your own creativity and eye-catching color schemes. They can look fantastic, especially if they are specially designed for the occasion you intend. There are special boxes design for special occasions. Such boxes are usually prefer for elegant gifts, including jewelry, watches, and ties.

Structure of custom tray and sleeve box

Custom tray and sleeve boxes have a very simple structure. Customers prefer simplicity over anything when it comes to packaging. It has two sections: upper and lower. The upper part functions as a lid to keep the product safe and protected, while the bottom part holds the contents. Luxury sleeve boxes are available in a variety of sizes. These boxes also allow for customization, so you can easily tailor them to your product. In addition, you can place a window in the center of it for display purposes. Many people prefer to keep their products visible through the packaging.


The printing on custom tray and sleeve box wholesale is very special because it is crucial in capturing the customer’s attention. You can incorporate many artistic elements into it, but you can also incorporate sophisticated design and style in the luxury custom tray and sleeve boxes. There are various methods for making a product appealing to customers. First and foremost, you must work on their packaging. This can influence potential customers’ decisions and expand the sales funnel. Make every effort to personalize your packaging in order to leave a lasting impression on customers. The more attractive the product, the more increased sales.


To conclude, custom tray and sleeve boxes are useable for various purposes. There are a number of reasons why their eye-catching designs, color combination, and imprinting can attract more customers. As more customers are attract to it, it helps companies promote their brand in the ongoing competitive market. They give brands an opportunity to do effective branding. Hence, increasing their sales and keeping a profit margin as well. Apart from having an elegant and sophisticated look, the custom tray and sleeve box also provide protection to the products. Such are the reasons why you should consider a custom tray and sleeve box.