Everybody wants new, luxurious but cheap furniture for their homes. Isn’t that right? But do you know how to distinguish high-end furniture in the market?

Durability and low cost are our key goals when out shopping for furniture. However, many criteria contribute to the choice of the highest quality furniture. Every tiny detail matters. It can be the cushions, the upholstery, the joints, the knots in the wood, and, above all, the wood type. One cannot be sure until and unless these items are identified.

If that is what interests you, keep reading this article. This page includes the best suggestions for anyone looking for luxury furniture in Houston. If you want to spot the best furniture readily, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Identify the kinds of wood
  2. Focus on the legs of the furniture
  3. Check the quality of the cushions
  4. Test the springs
  5. Look for other joints
  6. Find out the foam density

Identify the kinds of wood:

Many wood varieties are employed in producing every sort of furniture. Knowing and identifying the wood kind can make you a pro in this situation. First, you need to know about various popular varieties of wood, such as mahogany, oak, cherry, and maple. Modern furniture makes use of several wood varieties. Furthermore, veneer and particle board are common for cabinets and affordable furniture.

Keep in mind that particleboard and veneer could be cheaper and have a limited life expectancy. So, these inexpensive wood varieties are not a smart alternative when investing in home furnishings. While shopping for quality wood, look at its texture, natural finish, solidity, and durability.

Focus on the legs of the furniture:

Legs are one of the main pieces of wooden furniture. Even if your sofa or bed has exceptional designs, color, and polish, it’s no use if the legs are creaky. So, the recommendation is to avoid furniture with plastic legs. Those tables, chairs, and sofas will be weak for sure. Wooden legs can hold the structure/frame for years. Therefore, buy furniture with luxury hardwood legs. If you stress over the scratches on the floor, apply sliding pads under the legs.

Check the quality of the cushions:

You might not take them seriously, but cushions can make or break the authenticity of your furniture. They can be strong yet very soft under the head. So, consider it a bonus if the cushions are movable. Check the stiffness of the cushions and upholstery on your sofa or couch. In addition, focus on the color and material of the cushions to avoid future headaches. Also, make sure that pillows are washable.

Test the springs:

Spring cushions and spring beds are vital in identifying the quality of the furniture. They can quickly support or harm your spine. That is why you should test the springs of your sofa and mattress by sitting on them and pressing them down. If it returns to the place, it has good quality. Like the pillows, your mattress and sofa must be sturdy yet comfortable to touch.

Look for other joints:

Many screws, nails, and joints are responsible for putting a piece of furniture together. Wood joinery is a significant component here. Fewer cracked screws reduce the possibility of causing damage to luxury furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid wooden furniture using staples or glue as their joinery material. Moreover, low-quality furniture contains noticeable streaks of glue. So, skip the notion if you observe low-quality joints or creaky sounds.

The same goes for dressers and their cabinets. Check out the quality of drawers and the cabinet doors before purchasing luxury furniture in Houston.

Find out the foam density:

The design comes later, and the upholstery comes first.  The density of the seat foam keeps the furniture intact after rigorous use. You cannot get trapped with low-density foam when you have kids leaping on the bed and the couch. If the cushions are removable, unzip the cover and check the quality of the seat foam. Take a comprehensive look.


Are you looking for luxury furniture? Let’s put an end to this conversation. First of all, the wood type and its joints affect the longevity of your hard-earned furniture pieces. In addition, emphasis on the legs, stiffness of the seat foam, and cushions. Avoid furniture with glued or stapled joints. Lastly, test the springs of the sofa and mattress. Hopefully, these recommendations will help you locate durable furniture. Please share any additional suggestions. here are the 12 types of mid century furniture that make modern home look like a dream