Natural sources of light entering your home brighten up any living space, and skylights are the easiest way to do so. Skylight vaults and skylight windows are long-standing architectural traditions with their presence noted in some of the world’s most celebrated Roman and Venetian structures. In addition to the obvious aesthetic uplift, given below are six reasons skylights why you should consider installing skylights in celebrity home

  1. They are a source of natural light

Natural light entering any room instantly lightens up the space and makes it appear bigger and brighter. Since skylights fill the entire room with sunlight, they also avoid uneven lighting and problematic shadows created by standard windows. Skylights also help elevate your mood due to the abundance of natural light in your living spaces. 

  1. They help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Natural light entering your home also helps you get your daily dose of vitamin D, improves sleep cycles, helps relieve eye strain, and also cures seasonal depression. Since they help improve air circulation, they also help improve the quality of air in your indoors. This also helps keep mold and fungi from developing in your furnishings at bay.

  1. They are energy efficient

Skylights reduce the need for electric lights and hence help you conserve energy. They are environmentally friendly and help you reduce your energy consumption. They also serve different purposes depending on the weather – for instance, in the summers they help expel hot air outside, and in the winters allow warmth to enter the home.

  1. They help you save costs

Since skylights help you reduce your energy consumption, they also drive down your electricity bill. In the winters, they help reduce heating costs and in the summer they help minimize cooling costs. Additionally, in some states, homeowners that install skylights are eligible for a significant tax reduction in their federal taxes.

  1. They help with ventilation

Skylights can help ventilate a room by expelling hot air from the indoors and allowing fresh air to enter from the outdoors. They also help moisture and trapped humidity escape rooms. These are especially important in kitchens and bathrooms to remove pertaining odors and serve the purpose of exhausts. It is also advantageous to install remote-controlled skylights to make it easier for you to open and close them.

  1. They increase the resale value of your home

While the increase may seem minute in retrospect, skylights add a ton of resale value to your home. Skylight windows have recently begun to trend in the housing market, and only newly built homes feature them. Hence, adding skylights to your home will make it more appealing to prospective buyers due to their energy efficiency and frankly how pretty they look.


Skylights are likely to be a great addition to your home. If you are planning renovations in your home any time soon, it would be a good idea to add installing skylights to your list. Given the numerous benefits they pose – energy and cost savings, an abundance of natural light, and the obvious aesthetic benefit, they are likely to be a great addition to your home and living spaces.