If you own an Mac computer you will be amazed at the number of options you can use it. It is loaded with features, and it’s difficult for a novice Mac user to know the amazing features of Mac. As one of the most powerful laptops currently available, this article will cover six Mac hacks that you’ve not heard of before.

  • Capturing Screenshots

The process of taking a screenshot is simple on Mac. There could be situations where you consider making a screenshot using the Mac. It could be to display an error to a colleague or to record a reference to the article you read when browsing the internet. There are three options for taking a picture using the Mac.

  • A crosshair will be shown whenever you press Control + Shift +4 at the same time. This crosshair will assist you take the picture you want by simply dragging the mouse.
  • You can capture a screenshot of the entire screen by pressing Control + Shift+4 after that, pressing the spacebar.
  • Also, you can get an image file from the whole desktop, if you press Control + Shift +3.
  • Recover an Overwritten File

A crucial file on your Mac computer that is replaced by another program could be a cause of concern to a lot of users. Although Mac constantly prompts you to use the exact file name present in the file system of your Mac system, it is possible that you could be tempted to press the replace button, particularly when you’re working in a rush to complete your work. This results in losing data that the new file has replaced. If you’re thinking about the deleted file that was accidentally replaced and that you need to restore on Mac The positive news is that retrieving the overwritten file is much simpler than you think.

  • Deleting Files Quickly

There may be situations which require that the files be removed quickly instead of selecting them in order and eliminating them. For instance, you can select one file and then hit your keyboard Command + Delete keys, and the file is deleted instantly. The deleted file will later moved to Trash. In contrast If you wish to eliminate all files within Trash, you can do so by clicking the Trash folder, you’ll need press the keys Command > Shift+Delete’ then all the items and folders that are in Trash will be removed. Trash will be taken out right away.

  • Browse your selection of Running Apps

If you’re interested in knowing the applications running on your Mac PC, just click “Command + Tab” and you will see a window that lists the applications currently in operation. Simply hold the Command key, then click the Tab key to cycle through the applications.

  • Dictation feature available on Mac

Your Mac computer will help you write in a seamless way for you. For instance, if there is some space on your drive a simple update to this feature could allow the dictation feature to function effortlessly with you Mac computer.

Follow the following steps.

  • Choose the option denoted as ‘System Preferences’.
  • Click the option denoted as ‘Dictation & Speech’.
  • Next to the ‘Dictation’ option, an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ radio button will be displayed.
  • Select the ‘On’ radio button next to ‘Dictation’.
  • You should also ensure that you check the option ‘Use Enhanced Dictation.
  • This feature will help you to perform the dictation process even when not connected to the internet connection.
  • For activating the ‘Dictation’ feature, a user will have to click on the ‘Fn’ key twice quickly. 
  • Option to Move the Dock

The main thing you should know is the manner by which to conceal the dock and make it show once more. For doing likewise, you should press the keys Command + Option + D on the console, which will conceal the dock immediately. Assuming you press a similar keys once more, the dock will be shown again by un-concealing the dock. Notwithstanding, assume you are utilizing two screens and need to move the dock starting with one showcase then onto the next without concealing it. All things considered, you need to move the mouse towards the other screen and guarantee the cursor is being held at the base focus of the screen. Then, at that point, you can see that the dock will move to the new showcase and make it the new screen except if and until a similar activity is performed again for bringing back the dock from the second screen to the primary screen.

These are the six Mac hacks you could have never sincerely heard. However, obviously, there are numerous other Mac hacks, like involving Spotlight as an adding machine, utilizing an emoticon console, access a word reference rapidly, and so on This multitude of highlights make Mac a top choice among PC clients.