Carpets are among the things that improve a home’s interior. They’re also expensive; hence, they should last for a long time. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case since they experience many threats. Threats like heavy furniture, water, pets, and spills can cause permanent damage to your carpet. As a result, you’re likely to invest in several carpets within a short period. With this, it’s vital to discuss the following common causes of carpet damage to ensure you prevent and understand how to handle them as they happen.

  1. Water

A good number of carpets are damaged by water due to leakage or flooding. Once the carpet has contracted water, it begins to experience mold and mildew growth, especially if you take a long time before cleaning and drying it.

As far as a water-damaged carpet is concerned, it’s vital to mention that the damage depends on the type of water involved. For instance, a carpet that’s wet due to clean water might not only require cleaning and drying. On the other hand, if a carpet is damaged by black water, it might require professional cleaning or replacement.

With such conditions, knowing what to do if you have a water-damaged carpet is crucial. Generally, you can either discard it if it’s severely damaged, clean and dry it yourself, or hire professionals to correct the mess and prevent mold growth.  

  1. Furniture

Heavy furniture is likely to cause extensive damage to a carpet’s back weave and fibers. For instance, a heavy-weight dining table will definitely create permanent dents in your carpet. Also, heavy furniture like a sofa set is likely to make holes in the carpet that might require sewing or patches to mend. So long as the furniture remains unmoved, the holes and dents are invisible. However, when you relocate the furniture, only then you’ll see how damaged the carpet is.

Unfortunately, this case is typical in many homes because many homeowners don’t move their furniture, which ends up damaging the carpet for sitting in the same spot for a prolonged period. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t save your carpet from this issue. You only need to install furniture coasters under the legs to distribute weight over a larger area.

  1. Spills

Spills, too, are a common cause of carpet damage. Unfortunately, spills from acid drinks such as red wine, soda, and coffee can cause permanent stains if not attended to immediately. On the other hand, chemicals such as bleaches can cause immediate permanent discoloration that can’t be fixed no matter which cleaning mixture one uses. In such an event, there’s no other option apart from tolerating the damage until you invest in a new carpet.

To prevent spills from damaging your carpet, immediately wipe up the spill with a clean cloth until the stain is removed.

  1. Dirt

Dirt and grime are the culprits behind many carpets not lasting long as they should. Once the dirt has accessed your carpet, constant foot traffic drives it into the carpet fibers, resulting in tough stains that affect the carpet’s integrity. With time, these stains become even tougher. Unfortunately, preventing dirt from accessing your carpet might be challenging since it’s a year-round thing.

To prevent dirt from accessing the interior, homeowners must invest in door mats. Door mats ensure people entering your home wipe under their shoes, preventing dirt and debris from accessing your carpet. Also, you can consider having everyone entering your home leave their shoes by the door to minimize the amount of dirt getting into the carpet.

  1. Ultraviolet Rays

Once carpets are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period, the rays will likely affect their original color. Therefore, if your home experiences direct sunlight, consider investing in a window treatment that doesn’t permit UV rays to penetrate or keep the drapes closed during the day.

  1. Pets

While they’re humans’ best friends, pets are among the leading enemies of carpets and rags. Some pets, like kitties, enjoy scratching the carpet fibers, damaging the carpet with time. Puppies, too, love chewing rugs and carpets, resulting in carpet damage as well. If you don’t take measures to prevent your pets from interfering with the carpet’s integrity, you’re likely to invest in a new carpet from time to time.

The best way to prevent pets from damaging a carpet is to get them a scratching board or divert their attention. Pets are also good learners and can stop interfering with your carpet with some training.

ConclusionNo matter what type of carpet you have, all carpets experience multiple threats. However, a homeowner can take some measures to reduce these threats and ensure the carpets last for decades. For instance, if a pet relieves itself on the carpet, cleaning it immediately can reverse the damage. Also, it might be wise to rotate the furniture to prevent heavy ones from oversitting on a particular spot.