Doing Something Special This Year

Not all birthday parties are going to be the most memorable. Especially as you get older, you might legitimately just want a quiet night in to celebrate your birthday. But even in advanced age, it’s worthwhile to put together a big party that’s fun to reminisce about. Following we’ll explore five ideas for adults and children’s parties that are definitely unforgettable.

1. Do Something Unique: Kids and Adults
First things first: know what the birthday boy or girl has experienced before. Whether you’re planning for a child or an adult, if you’re going to try something unforgettable, that means a novelty. Here are some additional ideas for party organization that are unique, and therefore memorable. To translate such ideas to be “unforgettable”, you’ve got to add your own spin.

Instead of just going to a theme park with the family, do so after a big celebration, and in a way, the birthday guest couldn’t anticipate. Instead of just going to a concert, contact the venue and pay the headliner a few hundred dollars to sing happy birthday. Even some of the most snooty artists will take that bet, they’re all underpaid!

2. A Party-Bus to a Private Party in the Woods for Adults
For adults, a party bus to a party in the woods or on a cruise ship or at the town’s hottest club is a great idea. For bonus points, have the location of the celebration an hour’s drive away, and be sure everybody on the bus fully enjoys available festive opportunities.

3. A Paintball Extravaganza; Electric Gel Blasters for Kids
For younger birthday celebrants, a paintball tournament can be fine. Some kids may be too young for paintball, true; but it will depend on the kid. There are nine-year-olds who will knock adult players out! For very young children, nerf guns or gel blasters are a good move.

4. A Stand-Up Comedian as the Entertainment at an Adult Party
Comedians commonly do birthday parties, weddings, holiday parties, and more. You might have one come in just for the celebration. For bonus points, be sure the guest of honor doesn’t know you planned this until it’s time for the jokes. (If going that route, be sure to hide the sound system somewhere it’s easily and quickly retrievable.)

5. Rent Out a Local Pool, Bowling Alley or Arcade for Young Ones
For your younger ones, you might rent out their favorite recreational facility. Bowling alleys, pools, and arcades like Dave & Busters; all commonly provide options for birthdays. You might as well lean into those options and do something memorable.

A Birthday Celebration Remembered Fondly for Decades
There are a lot of ways you can make a birthday party memorable for adults or children, hopefully, these suggestions at minimum stimulate your imagination.

Renting out local recreational venues, hiring standup comedians, paintball extravaganzas, and party busses, and deliberately planning for uniqueness are good ways to go about putting together a party that’s fun, engaging, and downright unforgettable for everyone.