Making the necessary preparations to sell your house is an arduous and often an exhausting process. Between finding the perfect agent, making the needed repairs, and preparing to take the best photographs of your home, you’re bound to be somewhat overwhelmed. When you factor in the requirement to sell your home fast to the mix, things can be even more difficult.

If you’re hoping for a speedy selling time, there are a few easy, low-cost tasks you can accomplish to brighten your home’s appearance to make it appealing for buyers who are looking to close on a deal within the next few days. Choose the five most profitable actions that have a quick impact and get yourself ready to move!

1. Get the help of your realtor

Before doing anything else take an agent from your real estate agency to the table. Your agent is familiar with the local market and is aware of the homes that you’re competing against for prospective buyers. Your realtor is an essential resource in deciding how to allocate your funds and deciding on what improvements you should prioritize. Bring your realtor in for a comprehensive walk-through , and ask their advice regarding what projects you should begin with.

2. Take care of the exterior.

Do not underestimate the value in curb appeal. What potential buyers are able to see when they first set their eyes on your house and yard will affect what they will see in the future. A beautifully designed and staged interior might not be able to overcome the negative impression created by a yard damaged siding that’s mildewed and stained, or shutters that are sagging. As a minimum, cut the grass, apply fresh mulch and clean the exterior with a power washer and apply any peeling paint to create an impressive first impression.

3. Repair obvious problems

There are some home repair requirements that cannot be ignored. There’s no need to redo your bathrooms or purchase the latest appliances but it is recommended to be sure to tackle any the home improvement tasks that buyers might notice during the walkthrough. Some examples of pre-sales repairs that are highly-prioritized include leaks (especially ones that have already resulted in noticeable water damage) and hanging or missing lighting fixtures, dents and gaps in the walls as well as basic fixtures that aren’t functioning in the way they ought to (faucets outlets, faucets, etc. ).

4. Declutter

A fascinating thing happens when people are looking for a new house. Instead of imagining the new house in its current state, buyers attempt to imagine how the house would look as if they lived there including their own personal items and decorating choices. This isn’t an issue. It will help your potential buyer recognize your home as a place to live and helps you close quicker. One of the easiest and fastest methods to create the kind of environment buyers are seeking is to clear personal belongings from areas. Bring your family photos documents, files, and your knick knacks, for your removal and rid your home of all unnecessary things to provide the blank canvas on that a buyer could project their personal style.

5. Paint walls that are bright

Colorful, bright walls can truly help you show off your personal style and personality. However, if you’re looking to sell your home this isn’t an effective strategy. To make your home more attractive for sale you should consider painting the walls in your home with a common neutral hue. The best options are shades of beige, greige, white and tan (or off white) (but be wary of white because it could look too stark and uninspiring without furniture and accessories).