To make your cosmetic brand more popular, it is necessary to pay special attention to its packaging. Different cosmetic items require different types of packages. For foundations, your box should look colorful and attractive. When a woman visits a store to purchase a cosmetic product, the first thing that impresses her is the packaging design. Different shapes, sizes, styles, and layouts are available to suit to branding theme. Here we are going to reveal some secrets that you probably do not know about foundation packaging. The use of these adorably designed boxes helps in boosting your business revenue significantly.

  1. Be Careful while Selecting Colors for your Foundation Packaging:

Colors play an imperative role in determining customer purchase behavior. Businesses that are confident in choosing the right colors for their product packaging can instantly grab the attention of the target audience. In the case of foundations, experts recommend using bright and eye-catchy colors. It creates a memorable impact on the buyers and makes them choose your products over others. Minimalism is the recent approach to designing foundation packaging. Here you do not need to be loud in colors. Rather create an elegant and appealing branding theme by using natural colors. The right precision is also necessary. It means that the colors used on your foundation packs should match the ones used on the product. A little difference can create big havoc for your cosmetic brand. 

You also need to be a little vigilant when it comes to color accuracy. It is not possible unless you choose high-quality inks to design your foundation boxes. Therefore it is better to make a color selection through the CMYK palette. It helps you in getting more accuracy.

  • Be Confident in Experimenting with Advance Printing Techniques:

Uniqueness always remains an important aspect of the packaging industry. Especially if you are experimenting with some unique printing ideas, they can increase the attractiveness of your packaging. Digital printing is replacing offset printing due to its customized nature. It is perfect for short-run orders. Digital printing is the latest trend that can give you a competitive advantage. When your foundation boxes will look different and unique on shelves, they grab the attention of every passing by. The use of high-quality printing techniques creates more recognition for your brand. A logo plays an important role in this aspect. Some of the best options you can bring over include gold/silver foiling, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and raised ink. These add-ons create a textured effect. This 3D outlook can make your custom foundations stand out on shelves.

  • Always go for Eco-Friendly Stock:

Over the past few decades, there have been several drastic changes across the packaging sector. A big change is towards sustainability. The rise in eco-friendly concerns changed people’s mindsets. They want to get their products in eco-friendly packaging boxes. Also, businesses are making efforts to reduce carbon footprints. The concerns of the Australian cosmetic industry are at the top. The use of eco-friendly customize box packaging is becoming the biggest need of time.

Custom boxes Sydney designed by using recyclable material provide no harm to the environment. They put a positive impact on buyers that your brand cares about the planet. While designing packages for your foundations, this thing should be kept in mind. It’s the best way to win the trust of the customers. It also proves favorable for your business and creates positive brand repute. A little step towards sustainability can ensure the betterment of the community. 

  • Create Foundation Packaging with a Stylish Layout:
  • Provide an Exceptional Unboxing Experience:

Foundations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It provides a good opportunity for businesses to experiment with different layouts. Such packaging helps in creating an amazing display. If your foundations are large, sleeve boxes are a good option to use. They add a luxurious feel to your product display and help in grabbing the attention of the target audience. In addition to it, there are several stylish designs to create a powerful impact. The boxes with tuck end, bottom closures, flip-tops, lids, etc. are some of the interesting variations. These designs help in creating a memorable customer experience and generate more sales for your business. Keep an eye on the latest market trends to design the best custom foundation boxes.

Different businesses use different tactics to grab the attention of customers. However, if you have a cosmetic product manufacturer, providing a great box opening experience can do wonders. It makes people remember your products easily. The brands which succeed in providing a good unboxing win customers’ hearts. Especially when you are designing custom packages for foundations, there are several options to work upon. Design the box creatively inside out. Using high-quality printing makes customers feel special about their purchases. You may try an innovative box opening style or add interactive locks to surprise the customers.

A little thank you note, a free sample, or a discount voucher can be a good source of happiness. You may also use inserts or inner compartments to place your product more beautifully. Adding on some stickers printed with your business logo on tissue wrap or tote bags gives good exposure to your brand. All these tactics are ideal to raise the sale of your brand and help in generating hundreds of loyal customers for a lifetime.


This article is all about some of the amazing secrets that most cosmetic manufacturers do not know about before. Implementing them helps you in designing high-quality foundation packaging. Once you have complete knowledge of all aspects, use them creatively to make your boxes more eye-catchy. These secret things help you in making your foundations more prominent in stores.  As a result, you may attract more customers and make them try your products at least once. This increase in sales boosts your profitability. However, before applying these secret tips, be sure about the demographics of your potential customers. Design your packages in a way that represents your brand well.