Safeway signifies a safe way to shop grocery and other stuff. It is an American supermarket chain commenced by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915.

With each passing year, the chain is proliferating, and its stores have been opened up in various locations across the U.S.A. and Canada. Shopping from any outlet of Safeway brings a wholesome experience. In addition, shopping becomes more fun with Safeway weekly ads, discounts, offers, and more.

This article lists the 5 reasons one should choose Safeway for Grocery shopping. Read on to know more!

5 Reasons to Choose Safeway for Grocery Shopping:

More than 183 Safeway stores are there in Canada, from Vancouver to Ontario. So the nearest stores would be a 10-15 minute drive from you. In addition, they offer numerous advantages when you shop that you get deprived of when shopping at others.

Moreover, the following reasons are enough to choose Safeway over other stores:-

Gas Rewards:

How do you reach the Safeway store? Obviously, with your minivan. Now, head towards the park or the store without worrying about the Gas.

Confused, WHY?

B’coz you get rewards every time you shop with Safeway. In addition, you can redeem up to 20 cents at Chevron Stations. So, save on Gas, and be a happy customer.

Home Delivery:

Don’t wanna leave your home for grocery shopping? No worries! Safeway offers a grocery delivery program with a one-hour delivery window. In addition, this grocery store offers a “Shop by History” feature, allowing you to save previous orders, including frozen and refrigerated items.

The trucks of Safeway are equipped with freezers and refrigerators to ensure everything arrives perfectly.

All above, if you are a new customer, you get FREE delivery on your first order, and you may qualify for discounted delivery fees on succeeding orders.

Starbucks in the House:

If you are a Starbucks lover, Safeway is surely for you. Imagine you are on an early grocery shopping day and get your caffeine over there.

Isn’t it amazing??

Yes, it is. Additionally, this feature is convenient for parents who want only a one-stop shop. Buy groceries with your favorite coffee, then land at your home. Safeway has everything that families need!

Fresh Products:

Buying fresh produce is all you want to be healthier. But the question is, where to get FRESH vegetables and fruits? Safeway is the solution. You get fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and seafood, at this store.

In addition, the loving deli section, where you get a variety of meats and cheese, is also a reason to choose Safeway over others. So, all your tension about getting fresh produces will go away when you shop with Safeway.

Safeway Weekly Ads & Flyers:

Safeway weekly ads are something that might impress you. Being a consumer-oriented brand, Safeway offers heavy discounts to its esteemed consumers. So, whenever you compile your list, don’t forget to check for the latest deals.

It’s the safest and smartest way to shop for your groceries without hurting your pocket. Follow up on Safeway deals and ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

In Conclusion:

A stylized white “S” inside a rounded red square, yes, that’s Safeway, you might have seen. But haven’t you been there? Heck, you missed something big. The deals, heavy discounts, and offers were just for you.

Let’s forget the past, and follow up on Weekly Ads of Safeway to be aware of the discounts and more. Don’t miss sales and offers; you will eventually become a happy shopper. So, why go more miles when you get better deals at Safeway? Instead, purchase from the comfort of your home at discounted prices.