Constructing a house is a long and costly task. Therefore, you need to make sure that there are no errors. While the responsibility of constructing the house belongs to the constructor, at the end of the day, it is your house, and hence you must play an active role in the process. You probably don’t know a lot of things about the construction process. Getting construction done is not the same as buying a pre-built, as you cannot judge the situation for what it looks like. What is included in the process and what clauses are added in the contract mainly depend on the constructor. Here are few of the most vital questions you ask your constructor before starting the construction process. You should invest in Capital Smart City.

Which costs are included in the bill?

Different constructors offer different contracts that vary in the base cost. The base cost is the sum of all the basic costs involved in building the house’s structure, along with the cost of painting the interior walls and getting the exterior features made. In most cases, the cost of the land or plot itself is not included in the base cost and is charged separately. However, some constructors do add the cost of the plot; hence you should also ask. If the land price is included in the base cost, you should ask if any premium costs come along with it. Often, the lots come with other added costs that you can not avoid, such as the cost of getting wider yards or having windows in the basement.

The estimated time it will take to construct the house.

As the owner, you must know the time frame and the finishing date of the construction, especially if you plan on giving the property for rent. Knowing the period it will take to construct the house allows you to make plans accordingly. For instance, if you want to sell your current house before moving into this one, you must know the accurate date. Otherwise, you might be left homeless. However, it is also vital to note that construction plans hardly finish on time and often get delayed. While the constructor might not be able to provide you with a specific date, they can give you a general time frame.

What are the warranties that will be provided?

Having a newly constructed house does not mean that you will be free from all problems. It is normal for houses to have problems and hence warranties are important. Newly constructed properties come with basic warranties that protect you from accidents or mistakes in the house in the short term. A constructor is typically required to provide the tenants with a long-term structural warranty and a short-term whole house warranty. Constructors differ in the type of warranties they provide; hence you must ask what type of warranties will be given along with their time frame. The constructor is expected to provide warranties for the initial years, after which you will have to invest in home warranties yourself. Buy plots in Lahore Smart City.

What will the finish be like?

While most houses have the same structures, the finishing and cost can differ widely. You should ask the constructor about the finishing they are planning on doing. You can get in touch with a sales representative who can show you what standard and upgrade finishings look like.

Is landscaping included in the contract?

The cost of landscaping depends on the size of your yard and also on the type of trees and plants you want. Landscaping usually costs a lot, and you would want it to be included in the base cost; however, this differs widely from constructor to constructor. Some constructors do the basic yard work, while others leave it completely unfinished. It is vital to ask this question early on so that you can easily change things.


 Getting a house constructed is a big step, and you must make detailed conversations with your constructor over everything. Read more about Nova City.

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